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    being messed up with < > these? When you want to forward something and it has all those little sharps. There is a free program called "Text Monkey" that edits your mail before you forwarded it to someone else.
    Easy to use,just copy and it will ask you if you want to edit this e-mail,say yes. Then open a new e-mail window and paste.....all the annoying < > are now gone and it uses word wrap to put the sentences back together.You know when they are strung all over the page? I found this and it is sooo nice,don't have to remove all of them yourself.
    Just type text monkey in your search engine and download it.
    Hugs Shirley
    Just had to share this with you all !!!
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    Well that's what this program does ---it cleans up the e-mail so all those little sharps are not on there.

    Do you use Outlook Express? If you do and want to forward an e-mail,just click "forward" in your tool bar. A new window will come up and then,add the e-mail addresses of who you want to forward it to. If you need any help ,just ask and I'll answer you.
    Hugs Shirley

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