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    I have read that paraesthesias and dysathesias (strange skin sensations -) can occur with Fibromyalgia! To what extent does this happen?

    I was given a diagnosis originally 18 months ago of Peripheral Neuropathy based on the burning, prickling, strange feelings in lower legs which after a few weeks spread up my body, electrical currents sensations in feet, altered heat/cold sensations (thermal allodynia), very tight painful band feeling around ankles and stocking sensation (the feeling that you are wearing a fabric on legs when you aren't). EMG's & NCV's were negative. Small fibre neuropathy (SFN) was stated to be a likely cause......yet......

    I had about 23 other symptoms develop all around that same time, August 2007 and most are still there. Many of these symptoms run parallel to Fibromyalgia symptoms. The overwhelming fatigue I had at that time has reduced significantly but that's about all.

    A Rheumatologist and an Endocrinologist have suggested that Fibro is my most likely diagnosis. Two other doctors disagree -they think we need to dig deeper!

    Allied with a possible Peripheral Neuropathy diagnosis I also at the same time developed thousands (30,000) of Fasciculations (muscle twitches) per day.....but I have also heard that these can co-exist with Fibromyalgia. In PN these are considered to be motor involvement of the peripheral nervous system.

    Now to top things off, I have in January this year been diagnosed with Gastroparesis (paralysed stomach), which is an Autonomic version of PN but I have also read that this can occur in Fibromyalgia, although not one of the more common symptoms!!

    I am quite confused and am wondering if ANYONE has all three - sensory/motor/autonomic neuropathic type symptoms along with squillions of other symptoms? If so, is it possible that we have some other disorder but because it all get's put into the 'too hard basket' to investigate further, we get given the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia?

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated!
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    As you dig deeper for answers I suggest you read this info as one contains a really great symptom checklist...
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    I've been diagnosed with FM for 6 or 7 years now, although I had symptoms for about 10 years before that. I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease about a year ago, so I don't know for sure what's FM and what's Lyme, but I do have a lot of the symptoms you mention.

    The Peripheral Neuropathy you describe is very much like what I experience. The burning, prickling sensations, the altered heat/cold sensations etc. I also have a skin-pain thing going on that the doctors can't seem to understand -- where the initial instant of something contacting my skin is extremely painful and I have to jerk away, but if it stays touching me in that spot then it stops hurting after that one jolt. There are more: sense of taste, etc.

    The muscle twitches are another that I've been told are very common with the FM. I have them, varying in size and duration from a little painless twitch up to gasp-and-pray-painful whole-leg jerks where it feels like someone is trying to pry my kneecap off with a screwdriver. They tend to repeat in the same spot every 15-30 seconds sometimes for hours if I can't get them stopped with heat or muscle relaxers.

    As far as the autonomic type symptoms, they're pretty common in FM as well. Many of us have dry eyes, for example, and low blood pressure upon standing (sorry, I can't think what that's called right now.)

    I agree that sometimes the doctors might give a FM diagnosis just to put a name on the symptoms, but it's really supposed to be a "diagnosis of exclusion" that is arrived at after they've ruled out all the other stuff. I'm not sure most doctors do that. I'd probably seen a dozen doctors for my symptoms before I finally got so sick that one of them finally stopped brushing it aside as weight/depression/lack of exercise and got to work.

    If you want to learn more about Lyme Disease, which has many symptoms in common with FM, there's a Lyme Board connected with this Board. In the upper right, where it says "message boards" use the pull-down list and click on Lyme. There are a lot of really knowledgeable people there who can tell you more about symptoms and testing for that.

    Best wishes,

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    I really don't think Lyme is an issue for me, as I live in Australia and Australia is not endemic for Lyme. Some say there are a couple of coastal places further north in Aus where the vectors may exist and I have possibly been to those places - however I believe the chances are very small that I would have been bitten.

    I have travelled abroad but don't believe I have ever been exposed to ticks.

    I do remember though as a child/teen being badly bittten, while on holiday in Queensland, by mosquitoes and having massive mozzie bites all over.

    I'd have a very hard time getting any doctor here checking for Lyme unless some other Aussie's can chip in and mention their experience.

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