do you know anything about prediabetes or diabetes with M.E.?

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    I just read ijohns (sp?) post about diabetes insipidus, which I found very interesting as I have had problems with thirst and urinating constantly for years; but I am in the UK with an NHS doctor who I feel doesnt take very good care of me.
    I have just had a glucose tolerance test on my own request, which came back positive for glucose intolerance, I am now told that if I cant lose weight and exercise its only a matter of time before I will develop type 2 diabetes, I am approx 3 stones overweight.
    I used to be a consultant for a well-known slimming club, so in the past I have always been able to lose weight easily, I have helped literally hundreds of people to lose loads of weight and I passed the required nutritional examination for the post.
    About two years ago I found that these diets seemed to have stopped working for me. Instead of the usual 2lb per week on the eating plans, I was losing approx 1 lb per month.
    so I tried following a low GI diet for a while, although I felt a bit better in myself I actually gained wieght.
    In desperation, even after being a vegetarian for 25 years; I decided to try the high protein version of the slimming plan, it was very difficult indeed to start eating meat after so long, it made me squeamish and often nauseated, but it proved to be more effective for weight loss in my case than the high carb diet, being very strict with myself following this plan I lost an average of 3lb per month.
    But I had been experiencing some dizzy spells on the high carb diet; so I decided to see a deititian for advice.
    But the dietitian I saw was useless, she kept contradicting herself and told me that I have to exercise, (even though I was sitting in my power wheelchair at the time and also told her that exercise is out of the question because I have M.E.!) As regards my diet, she seemed to be trying to put me in the wrong for everything, I dont believe she even believed a word I said. After the interview I felt put down, insulted and frustrated.
    I dont think that after being ill and absolutely forbidden to take any exercise for eleven years, that 3 stones overweight is at all bad, especially considering that pre-diabetes can prevent you from losing weight at all, according to my diabetes specialist.
    I also have an occupational therapist who advises me through the M.E/CFS specialist; despite begging her time and time again for help, she totally refuses to allow me to attempt any form of exercise.
    I even persuaded my doctor to refer me to a physio, but even the hospital physio refused to help me with any kind of exercise programme because she was put off after speaking to my OT.
    There is no doubt that I am severely exercise intolerant,and I do understand that this is a sensitive subject, however, I am not asking to do GET, but under the circumstances I would have thought that a much slower and more careful self-governed exercise programme, supervised by a physiotherapist would be helpful, otherwise I obviously wouldnt have asked for it.
    Now I am thoroughly miserable.
    I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    I am sick of dieting when it doesnt work and I cant afford to gain more weight.
    But without help I expect I will develop type 2 diabetes within the next few years, yet although I have asked for help from my OT, a phsyiotherapist and a dietitian, I have still not received any useful advice at all.
    Has anyone else here been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, or received any good advice or been through a similar experience to this?
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    I had a glucose test done by one of my doctors and it came back pre-diabetic. However my PCP ran another test (sorry I don't remember the name now)that shows kind of an average of your blood sugar over the past 60 days (I think). My test came back fine so he isn't concerned at this point.

    However I am a few pounds overweight too (don't know how many stones). Like you I tried just a diabetic-type low glycemic diet that still allowed ample carbs as long as they were whole grain and gained a pound. I switched to the South Beach Diet which emphasises good fats, lean protein, veggies and a few healthy carbs (after the first 2 weeks) and I have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I do not feel deprived, although since I was already gluten free there wasn't a lot to give up.

    I feel less hungry eating the lean meats, fish, low or fat free dairy, and lots of veggies that this diet offers. I am not confined to a power chair but I cannot exercise and am extremly sedentary and this works for me so far.

    Good luck,

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  3. Katchina

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    thanks ever so much

    I didnt think anyone was going to answer me,
    but both your replies are really sensible and very encouraging, I was feeling so fed up yesterday too.

    (a stone is 14 lbs, by the way)

    I am delighted there are other options, so I will look into both these diets you have mentioned, and start shopping appropriately. I find it easy to follow a diet, not just because I know all the pitfalls, but because nowadays there is only me and my dog to feed, so I just buy the right foods and dont keep silly things in the house.
    I dont overeat anyway, in fact I actually have more problems with not being able to eat at all because of nausea and M.E. related bowel problems affecting my appetite, so if there is a diet plan that can help me at least I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

    and next time I am in town I will see the chemist and ask about blood sugar tests, I assume its a small electronic finger prick thing and shouldnt be very expensive.

    And I am not forgetting to say
    -very well done both of you for successfully losing weight
    -and thanks for your helpful replies!

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