Do you know your license plate number?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Asatrump, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    My family had a discussion regarding this and I suppose the conclusion is that I have mentally "lost it". About six years ago they changed my plate number and now I am clueless to remember it. And, do you know how many blue minivans are in any given parking lot? When I see the right car and plate then the number sits nicely in my head. For about one minute. Then if I move to a different store it is again gone from my head.

    Also any time I get nervous all numbers leave my head. In an emergency situation I have to refer to a note in my wallet.

    This seems to happen mainly with numbers. Some times I don't even recall my own cell phone number?

    OK I also admit to sometimes not being able to spit out the word that is at the tip of my tongue.... either in conversation or email. Sometimes hours later I will shout out the word. Seems like it is on "hold" in my brain and appears at a later time.
  2. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Boy, can I relate to your entire post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since the thyroid surgery, I sometimes have to visualize the noun before I can think of it's name. It makes my sentences have long pauses in them.

    I have the same problems with phone numbers. If I'm rattled, I have to look up my hubby and son's cell phone numbers.
  3. kjade

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    No I absolutely don't know my plate number. I think I can reall the letters, but not the numbers. AND I look at it everyday when I walk to the car. I used to be so good at remembering that kind of stuff. Not anymore.

    Yesterday, dh asked me for my brother's phone # - I call them constantly, and I just COULD NOT remember their number! Then I told him the wrong thing for the 1st 3 numbers, and he dialed and got the wrong he had to look them up on the caller ID as I still could not remember! So frustrating!
  4. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    and I can also remember phone numbers. If I called someone once five years ago, I still remember the number. My family laughs at it; thinks it's a tad odd. Oh well..

    A funny story regarding license plate numbers--when my youngest was four years old, I was driving around a large parking lot,searching for a parking space at an over-crowded local shopping center, with my daughter strapped into her booster seat. As I drove, she said, "Mommy, that white Volvo you just passed must have been on line behind you when you got your license plate because his plate number is XXX-1234 and yours is XXX=1233." I looked in the rear view mirror at her like she was a nut job, but I drove around again and looked at the Volvo's plate, and sure enough, the kid was right!! We really got a good laugh out of her keen skills of license plate observation!!!

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  5. sisland

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    Can't Remember my Plate # but am with Laura on the phone #'s can remember them even if i'm away from home with no reference,,,,,

    someone gave me a great tip on how to identify your car in a huge parking lot,,,,,,,,,you put one of thoes little red balls on your car antenna,,,,or whatever color you want,,,,,,it helps!,,,,,,,,

    another tip is to park away from everyone eles so your car can easily be spotted by you when your comming out of the store,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that probably doesn't work anywhere but Montana!,,,,,lolol,,,,,,Laura,,,sounds like you have a genious child!,,,,,,,sis
  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Mine is a vanity
  7. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Sometimes I don't remember which store I parked next to when entering a very large shopping center. Thankfully I have a handicapped license plate so I know my car is close to the buildings. If I REALLY can't find my car, I just drive around the sidewalk that runs around the perimeter of all the stores in the shopping center WHILE HITTING THE AUTO LOCK BUTTON on my key chain.

    When I get close, my car honks.
  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    That sounds just like me, i too can remember my lock from high school! LOL

    I've never know my licent plate #?????

  9. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Losing your car in a parking lot. I read your story and thought of another one of my adventures. I was still living in Atlanta when this happened. My rheumatologist was in a multi level building that also had a multi level parking lot. It was a dark and dingy parking lot that gave me the creeps. He was in downtown Atlanta so there were alot of panhandlers around.

    I came out of his office on my mobility scooter and entered the parking lot. I couldn't find my car. I'm driving up and down 4 or 5 levels of parking lot with my headlights on my mobility scooter because it is not well lit and cars are zooming around in there trying to find empty parking stalls. Finally, my battery got so low that the scooter started beeping. I decided that I needed to go to the ticket taker and get some help.

    So I'm on my little mobility scooter and in line with all of the cars waiting my turn to get to the ticket taker (with all of the exhaust fumes). She stuck her arm out to collect a toll from me!!!! I'm giving her a look like "you gotta' be kidding"!

    I told her I needed help. She told me this happens all the time to people and I just needed to keep looking. I told her my scooter was going to give out and to get a maintainence man to help me. I waited 20 minutes for him to come.

    I gave him my car keys and told him to keep pressing the lock option on the key chain to find my beeping car. He was gone along time. When he finally came back , he had found my car. it was in the section that was for employees only. He didn't know how I could have possibly parked there. I don't remember anything out of the ordinary when I was looking for a parking place. I don't know how I got through the second set of gates and into the employee parking section.

    Maybe an alien move it with a transporter machine!

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