do you mark your anniversary?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nan2dance, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I'm curious how people deal with their anniversaries of getting sick. Supposedly this happened suddenly to most of us, though many of us didn't realize what was happening at the time. At first I didn't even realize that I had an anniversary. But the end of January would come around and I would erupt with rants and crying jags and so forth. Then I realized that it was my anniversary and that, even without realizing it, it was affecting me. Now that I know I get "anniversary blues" I am a little kinder and more understanding with myself at this time of year. But I'd really like to do something positive to mark the anniversary, since it seems it's just going to pop up anyway. Any ideas? Does anyone do something special/therapeutic/ceremonial/etc. for her anniversary? My only fantasy has been to have a big party with all my loved ones and the people who have supported me during the year. We'd have a big bonfire on the beach and throw something satisfying into the fire and eat lots of beautiful food. Only problem is, January in these parts is hardly a time for the beach! So, how do you deal?

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    I came down with my first severe FM flare 1 1/2 years ago, on the second day of our first vacation in six year. We were stuck on an island between New Brunswick, Canada and Eastport, Maine for 8 days until I could travel. Absolutely horrible weather as well, cold foggy and damp. Just perfect weather for FM

    After leaving, we ended up across from a beach in New Hampshire for two more days. Now that was beautiful, the weather turned warm & sunny and I was abvle to handle lying on a warm sandy beach! We're going back there this summer for a week.

    While the pain was numbing, we visited some places that we will return to again and again. Kind've bitter sweet.

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    Since this will be my first anniversary and it is a friday I plan on pigging out!!! My husband is going to take me to the city to my favorite bakery for some Ch. chip cookies and hot Chocholate with whip cream! I also plan to write in my journal about my journey so far. In some ways I am celebrating b/c I finally know what is wrong with me and I am getting treatment for my CFS. I am a lot better off then I was last year!
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    This is good! Thanks for writing. I'm going to bump this one up.

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    I don't really, but my husband marks my open heart surgery that I had almost 3 years ago. ( It was right before my 43rd birthday)