Do you need extra pain meds after an operation ?

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  1. lrning2cope

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    I read somewhere that if you have fibro. , your surgeon should know so that you can have extra pain meds after surgery . Does anyone know if this is true ? I am having hernia surgery and if I already hurt so much , what is going to happen with the pain from the surgery ? Am I even going to be able to move at all ?

    So far , I have had 3 different abdominal surgeries with adhesions and healing improperly . Plus , I had minor skin surgery and the doctor ended up shooting me up " as much as I shoot face lifts up for surgery" Times !! before my skin got numb at all. This has happened several times. Each time I get Novicaine . It just doesn't seem to take effect.

    I want the surgery because the hernia is very large and interfering with my bowel function. Still , I am starting to dread the extra pain .

    Thank you to anyone who may have any advice or similar experiences that they could tell me about.

  2. dragon06

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    Yes you should have extra pain meds when you have surgery. I have had surgeries and so has my mom (she has FM too) and we both got extra pain meds for our surgeries which made things go along a lot smoother.

    You should talk with your surgeon and explain your condition and then tell him what pain meds you are on now and then he should leave orders in your file for you to have extra meds during and after surgery.

    You need to speak with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist for your surgery.
  3. rosemarie

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    I know that after all of my surgeries I needed more pain meds. I broke my left wrist four years ago. When my wrist was so badly shattered, I asked the doctor if it were possiable for me to have more pain meds after the surgery.

    Before the surgery my doctor assured me that he make sure my that my pain would be taken care of . So I was on a pain pump and could control my pain meds my self. It helped me so much.

    Pain control is really up to your doctor. You need to discuss it before you have surgery, make sure that your pain will be controled while your in the hospital and when you go home.

    You may need more pain meds at home as your moving more and some times over doing things. Chronic pain flares up in stressfull situations , and surgery is stressful. When you come home your in pain from having surgery , that is a huge stress on your body, I found that my pain was worse while I was still dopey from all the anesthia I had been given. It took a few days for it to get out of my system.

    Just make sure that before your surgery date talk to your md , tell him your concerns, if your nervous about added pain , more pain when at home. Just explain to him your concerns, and hopefully he will listen and help you recover in comfort and in less pain.

    One last thing I learned was that NO matter how much or how strong your medications for pain are you still will have some pain. You just want to have the least amount of pain as possiable.
  4. poets

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    Yes. You need a good amount of a good pain medication. After my back surgery last year they gave me a PCA and put Dilaudid in it. I've had lots of surgeries, but that was the best drug I'd ever had for the pain. It topped Morphine and Demerol by a long shot. Fentanyl is good too, but it isn't given very often. Perhaps you should mention several of these pain medications to your doctor beforehand.

    Just tell him you heard about them in a support group. That way he won't think you're hinting around for a certain drug. You shouldn't have to suffer needlessly.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  5. lrning2cope

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    I am still nervous , but now I know who to talk to . My MD is very nice and will talk to the surgeon too. I guess when I say that I am nervous , I really mean that I am scared. It just seems that when a person is already hurting , it's not fair to have surgery on top of fibro. pain .

    Still , I know that life is not fair. I feel like I,m acting immature , but I WANT LIFE TO BE FAIR AT LEAST ONCE IN A WHILE !!! I guess I am being pouty . I just turned 50 today and already because of fibro and all my other illnesses , I feel old and like I am going downhill.

    I think I need an attitude adjustment. ; (

    Thank you , though for all the advice. I will definately talk to my surgeon as well as the anestatist (sp)


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