Do you 'pretend' to be normal (FMS)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzan, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    Over the weekend, after being in the house for 2 weeks, I went with my husband to the city..we went to WholeFoods for produce, a resale shop(short visit), a quick pop in to Best Buy for ink cartridges. I was doing ok thru all that..But at the last store ( WholeFoods) by the time we got to the checkout..I could feel myself going down hill fast.

    I had to go sit..while Dh finished up checking out..and by the time I got to the car..I could barely talk I felt so completely lousy. I took the next dose of pain meds when I got home..and put my feet up, Dh took care of dinner..and the dogs...and I rested till I went to bed. Sunday was a quiet day ..and most of it I felt exhausted..and the same is true today....

    What I am do you get so tired of being IN that you just say 'heck with it' and go out and live..regardless of what the consequences may be. I find that is a bit of a pattern of mine. I do pretty well..for weeks..pacing myself...going out for limited excursions...resting before and after them.Sleeping at regular times...eating well..blah blah blah...LOL

    But then..I just get sick of being sick..and I go have LIFE..whatever that happens to be at the time..And then I pay for it..It used to be I could just rest for a few days..and I would be back to my normal..but now I seem to take MUCH longer to recover...and the fall down is much harder...and more symptoms that are more dramatic to me.

    So are you always good at taking care of yourself..or do you sometimes 'pretend' to be fine..regardless of the price you may pay later???
  2. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I am horrible at taking care of myself on weekends. Those are the days I go out with friends and try to keep up no matter what. Fortunately the friends I have left understand but I still don't want to have to put them through any boringness.

    I usually end up paying for it on monday though. Sometimes I don't even get to monday and I am stuck in bed sunday.

    I can't stand staying inside all the time though. I'm at home during the week so I can be working on my schoolwork unless my parents take me somewhere, so by the time the weekend rolls around I am just like LET ME OUT!! I DON'T CARE!!

    I get really sick of being inside...I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can at least go sit outside in the sun.

    But to answer your question, I do try to pretend to be normal. I'm easy to read tho so people usually figure out I'm not feeling my best.
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I have tried to act normal but it has gotten so hard to do anything now ... including acting normal :-( .
  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i do try to pretend and do a pretty good job of it~~~~~~~~~~~``someimes.

    I go to choir on wed. eve when I think i can't go but the singing revives me. I go to church and sing in the choir and then go to the fellowship hour. I fell uplifted and on top of everything.

    Shopping is another thing.!!!!! Our "day out" is Fri. or sat. and we go 50 mi. to Purdue city. We (DH stays in the car), I go into a dept. store - know macy's or Kohls? -----and look or take back or once in a great while, purchase. I wear out. Sometimes i try another shop or store. I get too tired to stay long. W#e go out for lunch, then it is that dreaded grocery shopping. we both have top use one of their electric carts and divide the list. Putting the things in the trunk is so tiring. When we get home is horrid!!!!!!

    i take in a few plastic bags (all I can handle), then get my folding cart and get the rest -i the heaviest things. DH empties and i put away. that is ALL I can handle.

    But i try to "Put on a Smiley Face", as the song goes - that's for you oldsters like me. I think I do a pretty good job but there are times, when pain wins! Hang in there!!

    Gentle Hugs

  5. debhun

    debhun New Member

    I always act normal when I talk to my daughter in fla she don't want to hear any thing that is going on with me. So I don't say nothing. When my mom comes over I don't say a thing cause she will go into this you need to walk more get out do some thing. it is all in your head. So the only person I talk to is DH and you all. I don't have any one to say hey really not a good day today. And today is a really bad day

  6. Yes I sure do. I try to act normal around people, no one wants to hear anything about you anyways, especially if you don't feel well.

    BUT if I go to the grocery store ,I am done in for the day. I mean I don't even have the energy to put them away when I get home. So I put the refrigerated things away and wait on the rest.

    My sis in law (who says she has fibro) tells me I need to walk more and go to curves with her to exercise to feel better. She hasn't had it long, I have lived with it all my life and know what I can do and can't do. But she says well I have fibro too and tells me what I should do. Ho hum.
  7. nightstarr002

    nightstarr002 New Member

    I used to pretend I could go and go and do the same things. I have had CFS/FMS for 20+ years. I would go until I dropped and then rest until I could go again. In the first few years I got by with that. Then my rest times became worse and longer. I had to learn to live within my limits. One of the things I learned was when you feel like doing.....only do half as much as you think you can....take a break and go again. Then we do not crash and burn. Each of us has our own personal limits. Only you can set your own pace for what is good for you. If you think something is important enough to go beyond that then be prepared to rest after for as long as you need to. You will be okay and still be able to live life...just make it so it works for you.
    Good luck on everything you do.
    Sarah aka nightstarr
  8. clerty

    clerty New Member

    Well yes and no LOL!!! I was never normal anyway
    When nI am having a good day I think I can do everything and I love the world and everything in it.
    I pushed myself too far at the weekend and Now I am paying for it big time bad flare up I so back to hiding in the house.
  9. kriket

    kriket New Member

    At work, I try to keep it on down low. I just do the best I can. It's hard when I'm having a bad day and just flat don't feel good. Most times I think everyone can tell that I don't feel good, but on really bad days, it's hard to pretend!!!!!

  10. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    house and always have curled hair and makeup (no, I don't go out very often). It may take me three hours of working and resting to do it but I don't want to look sick. I know it's stupid and a waste of energy but I already feel like a freak - I don't want to look like one.
  11. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    My daughters (ages 16 & 7) dance competitively. It is always a long exhausting weekend. After I go to one of these with them I'm usually in bed for 2-3 days so I definately pay the price. Many times I go places or do things that I know I'm going to "pay for" later but I do it because my family, etc. wants me to. It's so tough. I try to "prepare myself" for these weekends by napping more the week before & going to bed earlier but it usually doesn't work.
  12. clerty

    clerty New Member


    Gawd I can't do that nap thing no matter how tired I am I just can't nap once I am up from bed that is me I look like death warmed up most of the time and my eyes and drooping but
  13. clerty

    clerty New Member


    Gawd I can't do that nap thing no matter how tired I am I just can't nap once I am up from bed that is me I look like death warmed up most of the time and my eyes and drooping but
  14. clerty

    clerty New Member

    yes my body will not let me sleep.

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