do you read the side effects of all meds?

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  1. tejanya

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    this is something that must have come out of the 70's. when people would read labels to see what exactly was there. i read the aide effects on my husbands meds also. every so often i will re-read one just to remind myself "that could be why this tingles or whatever". as you get further into aging we learn to take things slow. with fibro we learn limitations and to be comfortable with them.
  2. tejanya

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    it is a blessing to have a spouse that understands and cares enough to show it and share it. some do not believe it is real let alone read the fine print for you. thanks for the input.
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    all the warnings that come with the meds and I do read them.Som supplements can't be taken with some meds.Linda
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    I would not consider taking a prescription or supplement without first reading everything there is to know about it. If I am considering a new supplement I become totally familiar with it before I even purchase it. There is unlimited information available on the web about all of these. Gwen
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    I always check the side effect's on my meds. I take a lot of meds and have CAD so I check everything. Plus I do not completely trust anyone, not even my doctors.

    I just saw my rhumy and was given a sample of seven days of a med that is new and suppose to help FM. Well... it is for sezures, and the side effects are endless. Soo ... it went into the trash! Cant remember the name of it. Good ole Fibro Fog...

    I also once had the pharmacy give me someone else's meds. Huge mistake... glad I read the bottle instead of just taking it as I was told by my doctor. My name was on it, but it was not the med I was prescribed, and My med was given to the other person....



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    I freak myself out if I read them. But my best friend is a pharmacy tech, so when I get a new med I ask if there is anything I need to know (she knows what I take and what my life is like). And sometimes when I complain about stuff she tells me which of my meds could be causing it.
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    it gives you a peacefulness to know what other things might show up in our lives. and what ones we can control. thanks to all who answers. tejanya
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    I don't read *all* the side effect of meds --- just look to see the major interactions/contraindications, most common side effects, what to watch for, etc. I tend to tolerate meds very well (almost never have side effects, even in drugs like Paxil) and I think I'd scare myself out of ever trying something that might help me if I read all the possible side effects.

    My mom (who has fibro, too) , on the other hand, has an extreme sensitivity to meds of any kind. If a side effect exists, she will get it. If not, she might be the first to get a new one! So, for her, it is super important to read the literature very carefully.
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    I read the side effects on meds. the pharmacy, buts in a flier, on side effects. that is why i stopped taking topomax. I have to be careful on what meds affect the kidneys. I highly recommend that we read them. You can also ask your pharmacist about side effects.
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    I don't read the side effects, at first, because I usually only take stuff that is recommended by a trusted - within reason - doctor.

    I often read them later. I sometimes think that I could talk myself into having some of the side effects if I know what they are before I start.