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    Do you remember when you could leave your car unlocked and no one would touch it? Do you remember when you didn't have to lock your front door? As neighbors kept a watch on your house when you were not at home.
    My how times have changed. Now every one locks their car door when they go out to a store and even when home and in your own driveway.

    Today I would not think of walking out of my house and not locking the door . I am too worried that some one will walk right in and help them selve to my narcoic pain meds..

    It is bad enough that I have to live in pain and that I need my pain meds to just take the edge off of this never ending pain I have to live with.

    I once trusted family to come in to my home and not take my pain meds or that of my childrens when they had been sick or had surgery. But that changed when I found out that my younger sister was sealing first my xanax and then my narcoitc pain pills and she even took my daughters liquid pain medication when she had just had her tonsils out.

    There were two bottles on my dishwasher , 1 was full and the other had about 1/4 of the liquid medication of Tyelonyl with codine in it. MY sister asked my daughter to find some thing and when she left the kitchen my sister put the bottle with the lesast amount of meds in her pocket.

    After she left my daughter called me adn told me that she has wastched her Auntie take this medication. But when I asked my sister about it she said she didn't do it but it was still in her pocket and no matter how hard I tried to get it out I could not get it.

    Then my sister started asking me if I would "LOAN HER SOME OF MY Oxycontin" And she would pay me back in a week or so when she saw her doctor or her husband saw his doctor. I told her that there was no way I would loan , borrow , lend out any kind of my medicaions.

    She was upset about it and asked me why I would not help her out when she was in so much pain, I said that while she was out of it I didn't wnat to be the person who had given strong narcoitic pain meds too.

    I said that I didn't want to be the person taht my neices would tell the EMT's where and who she got the meds from. {OH I Know where mommy got that pill my Aunty gave it to her} I was not going to be respondsible for her over dosing her self and my getting the blame for it. IF she was going to od then she could use her own meds to do it and not mine.

    I have my own reasons for taking strong pain meds adn I ned then all to help me wht this pain that I have to live with... I am only respondsible for me. I know what I take as well as how much I am taking. And I am the one that the meds are prescribed for. So no one gets any of my pain pills.

    I have them in a makeup bag taht has a zipper with two tabs that have a hole in them adn I put a paddle lock threw these hole adn I am the only one who carries the kdy to the makeup bag.

    Yes I know that if some one really wanted to get to them they could but it would take more effert than i hope they are willing to use.

    You see when I started seeing my pin doctor I had to sign a paper that stated that I was respondsible for my pain meds and that I would only be able to get a refill and I could only get it every 28 days.

    I had to go to one doctor and one pharmacy for all my narcoitc pain meds. So since I have to see him every month to get my scripts filled I am makeing sure that my medis are in a safe place where no one is getting to them at any time.

    I also hide the makeup box so that it is not in the same spot twice.And if you wanted to find it I am not making it easu for any one to get them.

    I have my reasons for taking such strong pain medications and I don't want any one to take them and over dose on them.

    I have seen my sister be so out of it that even putting ice cubes down her neck did nothing to bring her around. I
    found htat to be so sad as my 5 yr old neiece at that time adn her 7 yr old siter knew that mommy was not sisck she was stoned and took too much medications , I found that to be so sad.

    I am not thrilled at taking pain pills all my life because I have so many chronic pain problems. but I have learned that I am respondsibile for all the medications I have been given. So I need to keep them locked up adn put in places htat no one can find.

    When did life become so hard and when did iit become nessary to keep our homes , and cars and lives all locked up so that no one can steal them.

    I am writing this becasue I read a post that upset me. I have been shorted by a pharmacy too. ONe time when my Mom was in a large hospital I had to get my oxycontin filled while staying with my MOm .

    I had my own room that I had kept locked and my meds were locked up inside my makeup bag and locked in my suitcase. But one night as I was getting ready for bed I found that I was missing 20 pills and I knew that I was up a creek as I didn't thenk that they would be replaced.

    But I still went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmist about this problem as I knew that I had not taken 20 pills , he said that he would check it out right then, so I sat and waited for about 20 minutes. I had watched as he had gone threw books on who had filled what. When all of a sudden he began to add pills to my bottle.

    I was called up to the front where the head pharmist had the young lady appogize to me for misreading the script. She had looked at the dosage not the amount and that was what she had given to me.... So I had my meds feiled with the right amoung of pills and was given an apoligy.

    Can I say that I was shocked!!!! at home I had been shorted a few mtimes when I was on lortab # 10's and I was not belived. So this time I didn't think that any one would care about me.

    But they did and I was told that pharmices keep records of all the meds that they have and go out in a day and they need to balanec at the tend of the day and on the day I had my pain pills filled they had a overage of 20 pills but had not been able to find me.

    So as I go thru this life with pain in it all the time I now count all my meds at the pharmacy before I go home. That way I know that I do have all my meds in the right amount.
    But I do find is so sad taht in this day and age that when we fill our sfcripts that we need to haev someone go with us and that we don't tell any one what we are taking so that no one can hear and find out about our meds and what we take .

    I know that this is a long post but I needed to share it with you. AS we don't live in a world taht is safe to keep oour doors unlocked even when we are home and when family or friends come over I have to keep my pain pills ina place where no one would think of looking for them and then they still have to be locked up...

    Sorry this is so long but I felt that i needed to share this with you all... Thanks,

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