Do you say a special thankyou to your doctor.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. charlie21

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    Have you have said a special thankyou to your doctor. There are some really good ones out there, and these are the only ones I am talking about, not the bad ones. I feel my doctor has been my best friend. He is prepared to try anything to allevaite my symptoms, and has never given the impression that he is fed of with seeing me, you know you can tell those kind who are just going through the motions can't you. We when we see our doctors, and have such an array of problems, it is is almost embarrassing, and I always found mysels apologising to him, but he said "please don't apologise, because if I cannot cure your, or even make you comfortable, I am not doing my job propertly". We can all be culprits of this, not using this priceless word "THANKYOU". I know some people might say it is there job, so why should we, but many of us are holding different jobs down, and how does it feel when you get a thankyou and a pat on the back. Just trying to put a bit of human kindness into the world.
  2. TKE

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    No matter how bad I feel I always tell them Thank You. They need to feel appreciated too, even tho they may not be able to help you.

    When I saw the neurosurgeon 2 years ago I was in allot of pain, but tried to be as pleasant as possible & I also Thanked him. He put this in the report he wrote up on me!!!! He stated I was clearly uncomfortable. He also stated I was a good Historian, relating to my medical info I had given him. So it does help to take the few secods to Thank them for their time, even tho it costs us financially.

  3. eeyoreblue02

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    does not begin to express how much I do appreciate my doctor, but I always tell her. I express to her how important she is in my life after years of being treated indifferently.

  4. zenouchy

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    How wonderful of you to post this. Your care and empathy for others is heartwarming. The good docs are so wonderful. It's a very high stress job, and if they make a mistake, they can get sued and never work again.

    I've brought my docs and their staff candy and pretty plants before to brighten their day and as a simple way to say "thank you". I probably don't do it often enough, but you remind me I need to do it more.

    Warmly, Erika
  5. aquabugs

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    Thank YOU for this topic. Many people forget simple kindnesses like this. I do always thank my doc, because even though he has no cure, he does care and is very empathetic. He takes time to listen to me and that in itself shows he is a caring doc.

    As a matter of fact, I plan to go a step further on my next visit and bring him a small gift to show my appreciation. On good days I get to work in my glass studio, and I am bringing him a small vase just to show my appreciation for his care and concern.

    These docs might not have all the answers, but where would we really be without the good ones?

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  6. joyfully

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    I bake banana nut bread and take several loaves with me to his office. I give him one, and give the other two to his staff.

    I always tell him how wonderful he is. I have a very special rheumatologist. I also think that giving the bread to his staff has advantages too. Whenever I'm having a flare-up with my rheumatoid arthritis, I can get in to the doctor in a very reasonable amount of time. This is crutial when you are in a lot of pain.

    NEVER be mean or snappy to the office staff. They are your "life line" into the doctor and your medication refills. They have more power than most patients realize. They can make your life heaven, or they can make your life he**.
  7. Mini4Me

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    I always begin my visit by sharing something about Mini Cooper S's since she drives one too. I show her photos of hubby racing his Mini S or other things along that line. She also asks me if I've found anything new online about fibro or have I found anything new that works. Then she wants to know how my month went and looks at my journal.

    We always thank each other when I leave.

    She's young enough to be my daughter, but she's so open and willing to try whatever it takes! She hasn't "hardened" yet, so I'm very thankful!
  8. carebelle

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    Its important to praise a good Dr when we find them .They need to know when they have made a difference in our lifes.They do have a stressful life specially when they can not help people and cure all.

    I lisened how my husband worked on a ladys foot for over a year that was a diabetic and had a terrible open wound.He is an ortho PA .When others had given up and advised her to have her foot taken off. My husband even cried when he told me.He told her he would clean and care for it when ever she came into his office.Well she kept her foot and it began to heal .You would have thought he delivered a baby.LOL This really touched him deeply .

    I think it is very important to Thank them who Doctor our needs they are only human and our Thank Yous are more important then anyone realizes .
  9. TKE

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    I forgot to mention my family doc lost his wife 2 years ago. She was a nurse in his office, age around 46. She was d'xd with a fast moving cancer that took her in a month. He was left with his practice & 3 kids to care for. They met in college & married. He's still sad & lonely.

    2 visits ago he told Huz & I he was thinking of retiring early due to the constant hassle with the insurance companies. I told him don't you dare. We need you & we'd miss you terribly. I told hiim he's one of a kind & there's not many docs out there like him who listen & care anymore.

    So be kind to your doc & also the office staff. They don't have an easy job listening to sick people all day long, or dealing with the massive insurance paperwork, etc.
  10. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    which isn't always easy when you're in pain. Ditto for secretaries and other staff. A good and nice and competent doctor's secretary is worth her weight in gold! I have met so many of the other type so I know of what I speak.

    I feel blessed that my new family doc is good and so is her secretary!

    I also make it a point to learn the secretary's and nurse's names because they are people too and deserve more recognition than just "Dr So and so's secretary" or "The Nurse"

    We need a lot more human kindness in the world :)
  11. charlie21

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    This has been a wonderful reminder as to how many kind and considerate people there are out there, and thankyou so much for your replies. If you have more to say, this is not a closing statement, please do continue. We are reminded that to be kind can bring so much happiness into our lives, at a time when there is also so much pain. I want you all to pretend that we are all holding hands and with our doctors too, and remain united in finding a cure for us all. We know when not on this site, the isolation many us us feel,but when I come onto this board and see in my mind the smile of my wonderful doctor, it warms me inside and makes me feel wanted. Enjoying a time of reflexion. Fibrohugs Charlie
  12. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Iam Blessed with Great Dr.s who work with me, and try to Understand me, ;o)
    Every Christmas I take a Goodie Bag, with Chocolate and Cookies, to their Offices, and I also give the Dr.s a Box of See's Candy.

    My Rhumetoligst loves Gummy Bears, lol, so I take thoes now and then when I go for my check up's.

    I feel like She is the one who saved me, and dx me with the FMS.
    Who knows where I might be today, without meeting Her,
    and she has helped me to find my other Dr.s who, at least Try to understand me and my Weird symptoms.

    I have to laugh, because they know the sound of my voice when I call the office's.

    Good Post, and a great reminder, to be sure and send them a Christmas Card. That is another good way to say Thank You.

    If I could still bake I'd make them my Homemade Sugar cookies, like Gramma made for me. Oh yeah Homemad Fudge.
    dang now I need a chocolate fix. lol

  13. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    I always hug the good Doctors I go to and offer them a reward if they can cure me like dinner to outback or something like that.

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