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  1. Lolalee

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    Recently I came out of the worse flare I've ever experienced. I knew what it was like to be housebound and spend most of my days in bed or on the sofa. This lasted about 8 months. About a month ago I started to feel more energy, less pain....well I just felt better and was able to do more. I started walking for exercise and was back to singing in the choir and more. The only thing I could think of that was helping me feel better was additional supplements and lots of prayer and personal inner healing work.

    The past week I've started to feel sick again. I am so exhausted and my throat aches.

    I wondered how many experience this type of thing....a bad flareup of symptoms for a while.....feel better for a while....flare......better, etc..

    I would appreciate your feedback.



    PITATOO Member

    This is very common among many auto-immune disorders/diseases. Relapsing/remitting. I believe this to be the case in a large major of persons with FMS and CFIDS as in MS. Not only do we ride smaller roller coasters of up's and downs I believe we ride a larger one because your body will go through some type of major change every 7 years or so, be it hormonal, immune, weight. I am glad to hear you are on the upswing of a relapse. You pray that the remitting or being "stable" lasts longer than the flares. I have been up and down for years now, not real bad flares and seem to come out pretty good and dont' last too long. But every now and again when you are in a flare you think this is it. But then by some higher power you come out of it. Keep praying it does help - Take care - Bobby
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    I've dealt with FM/CFS for almost 15 years and I've found that it is both "cyclical" and that "flares" and "crashes" can be "triggered".

    The very nature of these illnesses allow many of us to go through periods of feeling "better", and I don't think anyone really knows why.

    Also, we can "flare" or "crash" from external forces. Illness, injury, stress, overdoing, and other stuff can cause your symptoms to get worse.

    The best thing I was taught at the FM Rehab Program at Cedars Sinai was to "pace" myself. I had to learn to keep my activity level within what my body could handle. The biggest trick was to learn to stop doing things BEFORE I got tired - by then it's usually too late!

    The other thing was learning not to try and "make-up" for down time while I was feeling better. There is a natural urge to "overdo" when you are feeling better than usual, but if you try to do everything you've had to put off while you felt worse, you may overdo and end up putting yourself back in bed.

    The best thing my neurologist ever told me about the "cycles" was to stop racking my brain for what I did to cause the "flare" or "crash"!

    Obviously, you can sometimes look back and say, "I really did too much last week" and know that's why you're feeling worse. However, the cyclical nature of these illnesses means that not every downturn can be directly related to something that happened.

    Trying to pace yourself, eat well, manage stress and just get through each day the best you can is what I learned in the FM program. I found that the more I was able to do this, the less severe the ups and downs became.

    ..and I agree with Bobby! Having a higher power to turn things over to and ask for help has been a large part of my survival for the past 15 years..

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    Thank you both so much for responding to my post. It helps to know that what I am experiencing is "normal" for us.

    I am guilty of trying to make up for the down-times and doing way too much. I find that I have to change my personality and not be such a "doer". It's hard to change. But, I am a person of faith so I pray and I realize that there are certain things that are out of my control so I try to let go and let God.

    Thanks again and bless you,

  5. KMD90603

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    Yes, and this is quite common with these diseases. You'll have periods where you are feeling okay, and then other times you'll feel like you have the flu. I have CFIDS, and I had gone a period of at least 3 or 4 months where I was feeling okay for the most part. I mean, I don't know if I'll ever feel normal again, but this was the closest I've felt to it in a long time. Then, over the last month, I've relapsed majorly and have had the low-grade fevers, sore throats, fatigue, achiness, the whole nine yards. I'm hoping it ends soon, but you'll find your symptoms are constantly waxing and waning.

    Hope this helps a bit.


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