Do you simply need more attention??

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    One of my husband's medical books from the 1960's describes a case with all the symptoms of fibromyalgia following a car wreck. The author diagnosed it as "female hysteria" and prescribed (no I am not kidding) a gift of a new washing machine or a dishwasher, to make her feel appreciated. He said she needed more attention. JuliaT
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    thankfully things have changed a little...LOL

    Thanks for the laugh,

  3. rockgor

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    thought hysteria was due to a wandering womb.

    Looks like medicine didn't make much progress in 2000 years.
  4. mme_curie68

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    Dr. Freud? Dr. Freud?

    I think you forgot your slip!

    Gimme that doc and I'll give him a hands-on demonstration about where that new washing machine or dishwasher can be inserted on his person!

    Madame Curie
  5. tata1580

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    you need help lifting that washer up where the insertion needs to be!!!
  6. day2day

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    Thanks for a laugh

    I think that " professional" may have been on a few of those far out drugs from the 60's.

    Although I sure would love a new Washer/Dryer that does nice big loads and uses less water and electricty, especially as a gift, and lets throw in that dishwasher for good measure.

    We could all have our loved ones try this method and post the results LOL. Okay I hope you all know I am joking.

    Wonder what else is in that old medical book that would give us a laugh, maybe a new car to cure insomnia?

    Thanks again

  7. patticakes1

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    Oh Yeah- I am sure a new washer and dryer will make me feel all better- .....when pigs fly

    you know that book was written by a man right??????
  8. Marta608

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    Bless that man (I'm sure it was).

    I suppose I could use some more attention but that's the first time I've heard of appliances being used to treat trauma. I guess there's always a first time, right?

    Seriously, I think anyone with this illness could appreciate, no, not appliances but some loving kindness. We get pushed aside too often.


    PITATOO Member

    Gotta admit it's kinda funny. But seriously have things really changed a whole lot. I am a man so I don't get those type of remarks but I do get some others that are just as bad. You are a man, tough it out, which I have to but come on people, if I were losing my hair from Chemo I would have sympothy. Grrrr....- Bobby
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    Hmmm, they may be on to something. You know, I think I would feel better with a brand now Mustang Convertable. LOL. Ahhh, if only it were that easy.


    PITATOO Member

    A Mercedes 450 SL would make me feel better
  12. CockatooMom

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    Madame Curie ~ I'll join the party in lifting the washer/dryer for insertion!

    What the heck would a washer/dryer do for me but cause me to do more work, causing me to hurt more...

    Buy me a inground heated pool with a hot tub on the side! Now THAT would help me!

    Pitatoo~ Cool pic on profile!

    Hugs to all,
  13. carebelle

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    I'd like to put a washer up the persons %$#%#ss that wrote that.

    Female Hysteria, Attention I get a lot of attention when I'm well and being a productive human. I just don't get that attitude .But you know what that was 1960 ,some of the doctors I have seen lately would probable still think that sad sad world isn't it
  14. MamaDove

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  15. Greenbean7

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    Does that washer/dryer and dishwasher come with a maid to do the laundry and dishes?


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  16. Smiffy

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    It's so sad that thousands of women were forced to suffer this illness with no medical help whatsoever, only scorn. My aunt was in and out of mental hospitals for years with what sounds to me as if it was M.E. (CFS). The predjudice of the medical profession still goes on today.

    When my M.E. started twenty years ago, my G.P told me it didn't exist! Many UK doctors continue to believe that M.E. & FMS patients are imagining their symptoms, & would be 'cured' by exercising more. The government funded research & treatment in my country all has a strong psychological bias.

    The gift I'd like best is to for all the jeering sceptics in the medical profession to have my symptoms for a week.
  17. lenasvn

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    It's insane, isn't it?!

    In 1970 I was 3 years old and diagnosed with what now have become PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress DIsorder). It was called Hysteria back then, and my parents was told I was seeking attention and to ignore it.

    Thanks to that stupid advice I had untreated PTSD into adulthood, problems with school,employment, relations, flash backs, migraines diagnosed at age 3, etc. I finally got it diagnosed correctly in 2004 and have recieved therapy sessions which helps alot!

    I think many docs won't spell it out loud but think "female Hysteria" still!
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    Will insurance pay for that washer & dishwasher?? LOL !!! Add me to the list for helping 'move' that washer & dishwasher!!

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    many of my coworkers don't understand Fibro and CFS and they think that I am just trying to get attention These conditions are humiliating-----------who would want attention brought to them??? Imagine being 35 and looking 25-28 so ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can guess that you have this DD, but one day they might see you limping and tearing up one day, due to pain, and wonder what's wrong.
  20. razorqueen

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    washing machine! As long as it is a front loading one!