Do you take meds to the hospital?

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    I have had several hospital stays over the years, nothing very invasive but uncomfortable. Some hospitals take your medicine away and act like you are some kind of a druggie for bringing them. Years ago I had to beg a nurse to let me take a birth control pill so I wouldn't get pregnant and lose my job.That was a long time ago.LOL
    Other hospitals insist I take only medicine the doctor has written into his record and they must come from the hospital pharmacy.Since I take about 20 kinds of medicines from five doctors (they all know what I am taking from each doctor) that is really expensive and invariably the doctor has written his orders so fast he forgets part of them. I end up sneaking in most of my meds and taking them when the nurses are not looking. The last stay was for a rectocyle repair. The nurses decided I could take all my pills but the ones for pain. After all, they were going to give me morphine. I broke out in a rash from morphine so they stopped that and gave me less effective pain medicines. The pain was unreal -- I think most of us have a very low pain threshold. Finally, I started taking my own pain meds on the sly and I felt such relief.
    If I ask the doctor what I should do he is always sure what the hospital will do -- take mine and dole them out or order tham from the pharmacy -- whatever. However when I check in whichever nurse I get will have her own rules and the next shift will have their own rules.
    What has been your experience?