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    Ok yesterday I finished allergy testing. I did this same thing about 20 yrs ago and well 20 yrs later Im NO LONGER allergic to mold mildew dust and ragweed. Now its just cats dogs and trees(slightly). I did go for series of allergy injections for a while for the other things when I was in my late teens.I was thinking on the way home from my Allergist testing about the times I went for shots back then for my allergies. I remember how AWEFUL I felt for three days after every time I went for three shots a week...I was tired and weak and felt like I had the flu or a bad cold for a few days and then would get better until they gave me another round of shots. Im wondering could that have either triggered or caused the Fibro/CFS? I never had it until after I started the injections. It was a short time after I began those treatments when I was diagnosed with CFS but then I wasnt diagnosed with Fibro until I was in early 30's (misdiagnosed for yrs) This allergist wants me to begin shots again since I have a cat and a dog but Im reluctant and I probly WONT go for them...especially if they will cause a fibro flare which my guess is that it probly would.

    Anyone ever think about these things? It hit me out of no where but heck its worth asking. If they were injecting me with things that I was allergic to to get my immune system to become strong enough to not be allergic anymore, and they are thinking that the immune system has something to do with fibro/cfs, then why not? Maybe... right? here a new poll...ANYONE OUT THERE EVER HAVE ALLERGY SHOTS THEN PLEASE RESPOND. I want to see if theres any link perhaps to my theory that MAYBE allergy shots can actually trigger these diseases, especially if they are dormant.
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    for almost two years now. I don't have CFS or fibro, but my son has CFS. He's almost 20 now. So I don't see how my shots could have triggered his CFS but we are all different in how we react to meds...your theory could be right for you.
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    There's alot of things having foreign particles that your body is allergic to injected into it can trigger, I'd imagine.

    This theory has been brought up many times over in the past. Doing a search for allergy shots may get you more of the info you want if you don't get it in the responses.

    I started the shots - and then after respiratory failure, more hospital admissions then I have fingers to count them on, and a handful of anaphylactic episodes - all of a sudden I had pain. Level 10 pain, everyday, all over - and it hasn't gone away. Diagnosis? FM.

    Trust me, it's not only your theory that something like the injections have the ability to trigger something like this. All of my doctors feel this is the most likely possibility. Well, all except my Allergist, of course.

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    Maybe you misunderstood me...Im not saying your shots would cause your sons CFS...Im speaking of my own personal experience and I was thinking just maybe the shots triggered the CFS and Fibro....causing it or bringing it out if is genetically linked.

    As far as asthma and allergies linking Fibro...I just think they are PART of the fibro...who knows. I never got asthma until my late teens...then CSF...then eventually a DX of Fibro. During my early teens I was sick ALOT with recurrant severe tonsilitis and Mono and I just wasnt getting better. All before my DX of CFS. During the 19 yr of my life I was seeing an allergist and received three shots a week. SINCE THEN, thats when my health really took a nose dive.

    I was just curious to see if anyone else was thinking along the lines of this.

    I know that they feel mercury used in all injections in infants could be the main reason why there is such high DX of Autism. The Doc I work for has a sheet that describes ALL the chemicals listen in injectiosn and it was SCARY STUFF, most of which is toxic not as beneficial as we think. Makes me tend to believe that my allergies injectiosn either woke the mean giant (fibro CFS) or it caused it.

    I suppose we will never know will we.
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