Do you think FMS/CFIDS is a modern disease or......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kirbycat, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. kirbycat

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    As I look back over my childhood (I'm 49), I remember people who could have had this undiagnosed for many years.

    I was raised in a small town in Georgia, so there were many mothers that did not work outside the home. I can remember specifically certain women that were labled with a "nervous problem". These women did not go out of the house very much and when they did, they seemed very tired. They were pretty much shunned and whispered about.

    Our entire childhood revolved around playing outside with friends. We would go to each others house and play until it was time for supper. There were certain kids that we couldn't go to there house because their mothers had "nervous problems". These kids rarely talked about what the problems were, it was very secretive.

    At school functions, these mothers rarely came, if they did, they usually left early. I can remember some of them who, I as a child, thought they looked so tired and painful.

    Now, I wonder if it was fibro/CFIDS. It would make sense. Now that we have a name for it, it very well could be.

    I feel so sorry for all those people who suffered alone. Nobody knew what was wrong!

    I see posted on this site, people who say they have had this DD for 30 years. When were they diagnosed with it by name. I remember Chronic fatigue in the 80's but not really before and nothing about fibro. I may be wrong. It's very likely, as I am wrong more and more lately. My memory is shot!!

    Just thinking...
  2. myalgiamania

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    i wanted to know if fibro & cf were linked and I have fibro.
    also what tests are there for cf. now i know
  3. kirbycat

    kirbycat New Member

    Thank you all for your insight. It has been bothering me lately how I came to this place in my life.

    I used to be soo outgoing and bold. I was a powerhouse for work and sharp-thinking. Then, in one year, all gone.
    I have become such a different person with different thought processes. Where has it all gone.

    The one thing that really bothers me is: what kind of future do I have to look forward to? I see people who have suffered for 20-30 years and are still the same way or worse.

    All the things that I put off to do, travel, retirement, will they go undone? I cant even imagine flying on a plane for a long period of time now. Heck, for that matter, I can't even imagine going throught he airport process now. Parking, walking for ever, standing in long lines, etc, etc.

    I'm sorry for being down today. It has just been on my mind.

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    who knows? I think I've had it sense about 14 or 15 and I'm 53 now
  5. kirbycat

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  6. JewelRA

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    It was called "fibrositis" back then. She also had panic attacks. She did have to suffer alone. Her doctors told her it was all in her head. Very sad.
  7. kirbycat

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  8. hugs4evry1

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    Honestly, I think those woman were probably drinking back then although I did have one friend who's Mom was always in her bedroom in her nighties no matter what time it was. (I'm 44)

    Don't forget, there were a lot of unhappy marriages back then because "good girls didn't" so they got married quickly in those days.

    Just my guess,

    Nancy B.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    there have always been HIGH strung women who had to suffer with no prozac . Twenty years ago, they medicated on cocktails or valium to calm their nerves .

    As far as FM, " "fibrositis" has been around a LONG TIME .

    Regarding CFIDS , historically there was a condition similar called " neurasthenia" . Robt E Lee's daughter had it ( agnes ) . They seem similar .

    I tend to think ( personal opinion ) that CFIDS as we know it is a new disease . I also strongly believe that
    most of CFIDS is caused by bacteria that hide in white cells and are not usually found in standard testing
    like : lyme ( borellia) mycoplasma, and chlamydia.
    The bacteria invade the cells that are supposed to fight infections , and the immune system can not do its job ( thus everyone has chronic viral infections like CMV and EBV) .

    I am just an average intellect , and my opinions are not facts , just speculation.

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