do you think I have fibromyalgia?

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    For about a year now I have been dealing with chronic pain,my back and abdomen hurt so bad, and I feel achey all over.Sometimes I dont feel like moving,it hurts so bad. I have this felling in my face like my muscles are burning.
    My Dr. and the neurologists put me through several tests for m.s thinking that might be what it was.fortunatly it was not. unfortunatly he said I "may" have fm. he put me on noritriptyline and it did nothing but make me eat. I have to see him again soon. can someone help me out?
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    i will write to you later xxoo kim
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    That sounds like a lot of the symptoms I have. You need to read up on fibromyalgia and see if the symtoms match what you have. The main way to tell is if you have the tender pressure points and someone else needs to do that test for you. You should see a rheumatologist.
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    Hi Rob, welcome to the board. Like someone else said, do some research for yourself, you can start right here on this board.

    Go to the 'Home' and 'Library' links at the top of this page and start there.

    FM is hard to diagnose, they usually run all kinds of other tests to rule out other illnesses like RA, MS, etc.

    Plus there is the pressure points, they are 18 of them, and you need to have soreness in at least 11 of them to be diagnosed with FM.

    Keep reading, and you may have to find another doctor to get diagnsed.

    Again, welcome to the board, and let us know how you make out.

    Shalom, Shirl
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