Do you think I'm getting the real thing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hurts2003, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. hurts2003

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    I started on the med for the cymbalta study last thursday morning. I take 4 blue capsules every morning. They are supposed to be either 20mg, 30mg each or the placebo. i can't really tell a difference in the pain and stiffness yet but i really didn't expect to this quick. But I did exspect that they would make me sleepy or something and I'm still not sleeping gereat at night. i wake up 6 or 8 times at least every night. (I do have high tollerance to meds that make most people sleepy.) I have noticed a decrease in my appetite.

    I go back for my 3rd appointment in the morning. I will get a new card of meds to take next week. Maybe then I will be able to tell a difference. The dr. said not to think about whether I'm getting the real drug or not just to concentrate on whether I'm feeling better or not. I'm not really feeling any better but I'm not really any worse either. It's just hard not to wander if I'm getting the real thing or not. It is guarrenteed that I will get the real drug sometime throughout the study.

    For those that are on Cymbalta is it common to start on either 80mg or 120mg and not have any side effects from it? Does it sound normal or do you think I've got the placebo?
  2. Bailey-smom

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    I started on 30 and now am on 60 - Dr said that is the normal dose but 120 mg is used as well.

    I would think you would feel a bit better or something. Just concentrate on how you feel. It takes away my burning pains for a couple hours or so. I can't really say I am tired but I only take 60 mg & I know alot of others are very tired.

    Maybe the next set will feel different. Good luck!


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