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    Ok...I have MS and Fibro and have been in the worst exaserbation that I have ever has gone on for over a month...most of the time it is all I can do to check on my daughter and sit down...and I usually do that on the I have been surfing to find different answers about our illness, govenment agencies, job options...see...I am one of the people who has fallen through the cracks...I worked until I could not stand the pain any longer and was misdiagnosed for I do not have enough credits to collect SSDI and my husband makes too much(just a few dollars over the cut off) for the other so...during this time I realised that I was searching and searching for answers and there was not a comprehensive site that could link people like us to answers and
    I am thinking....I have a masters degree in counseling...some day I would like to go into internet counseling but I need to think of something to do to make a little bit of money to build up some credits became a secret shopper...a great job that will make me enough money by the end of the year to have four credits...and I can set my own far this has been a God
    After saying all of that...I was wondering if there would be an interest in a web site that had links to government agencies, Fibro and MS sites, Support Groups and a small corner that would include job opportunities for disabled people such as us...I know there are so many sites that are a "rip-off" and I would just like to share with others what sites are good and which ones are not so good through my own experience...please let me know what you think...KayLyn
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    Dear KayLyn, What a coincidence? I have a master's in psychology, have not been able to qualify for SSD because I applied so many years ago before this illness was recognized and have seen the ads for secret shopper, but thought it was a scam. You mean it's legitimate?! Which one do you do? I am real interested because I haven't been able to find any work that fit's with my heavy involvement with these diseases. But, I think I could do something I could do on my good days at my own pace, like secret shopping..I would be really interested in any legitimate way to pursue work? Can you tell me the website you have used for the secret shopping work? Also, I think that probably many CFS/FM sufferers need very flexible schedules and would love to be able to find that at a website..AMELIA
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    I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. I also have been searching for something I could do where I could do it and various days and times, the ones where I feel like I could function somewhat "normally". I also would be interested in finding out how to go about being a "secret shopper". Would you mind letting me know how a person goes about finding more information on this??

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    OK...the answer is yes...there are real companies that allow you to shop for them...I sound like a telemarketer..but I am just a real person trying to get by...I will tell you that you will not make a fourtune but I am making enough to get credits that are going towards my SSDI and that was my main is a good web site with a list of "shopping" am working on a web site but if anyone is interested you can e-mail me at and I will give you the names of the sites that I have had the best luck with...because you are all right...there are many scams out there that prey on people like us...and the good thing is that there are some companies that shop in small towns...I am from a small town...I no longer live there...but I actually have a "shop" there next week when I go to good luck and like I said if you are interested e-mail me and I wll try to get my site up and going soon...Hugs...KayLyn
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