Do you want a tape with "I Remember Me" on it??

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  1. kmelodyg

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    Hello everyone!!! I have put together a really cool VHS tape that has mixed CFS/FMS things on it.


    #1- The documentary/movie about CFS, "I Remember Me"

    #2- a PBS interview with a NYC neurologist about Chronic Pain, and the need for adequate pain management.

    #3- MY TV NEWS INTERVIEW (dated 8/4/03)!!!!

    #4- A news segment about new, up-and-coming drugs for FMS.

    #5- The 2 part "Golden Girls" episodes about CFS

    So, it is a pretty neat tape all and all!! I am offering to all of you, that if you would like a copy of it, just go to my profile, e-mail me your request, I will give you my address, send me a blank tape, and I will make a copy and send it back to you!!! Or, you can just let me know that you want it, e-mail me your address, I'll make one and send it to you, and you can send me a blank tape or money when you have a chance to!!

    I haven't been on the board for awhile due to the fact that I have been sooooooo busy lately!! My pain levels have been down and my energy has been up!!! But since last night, I have started flaring again. YUCK!!!! Hopefully it won't last too long!!

    So, anyways, I am back to working on my book and other projects. I have about 40 people so far, and need up to 75-100 people!!!


    For those of you who do not know, I am writing a non-fiction book that is a compelation of many different stories of men and women, from all over the world, who suffer from FMS/CFS.

    I ask people to e-mail me and write their life stories for me. The longer and more descriptive the better!!! It will be written in the 1st person format, and it is completely anonymous.

    These stories will help many others around the world, who either have these DD's or know someone who does. It will give them a better understanding that they ARE NOT ALONE, and they will see all the different ways that people deal with it, and what these DD's are all about!! It's going to help soooooo many people out there!!!

    If you would like the VHS tape and/or are interested in contributing your story for my book, e-mail me and let me know. I hope to hear from many of you soon!! Thanks!!

    P. S. You can find my e-mail address if you click on my name above (kmelodyg) and look in the body of my biography and interests. It is written there 3 times, so you can't miss it!!!!

    Much Love To All Of My Fibro-Friends,

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  2. tandy

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    What a great idea to complile all that on one tape!!
    I have my story ready. Maybe I could send it along with a blank tape?? kill 2 birds with one stone!lol Hopefully my writing is ok and you can read it!! should be fine. I'll be writing you soon. Thanks girl! what a jem! Take care :)
  3. kmelodyg

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    I am so glad that you would like to contribute! And yes, we are VERY close by!! If you click on my name above, (kmelodyg) and look in the "interests" section, you will find my e-mail address. I hope to hear from you soon!!

  4. Sandyz

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    Its so great that you`re writting your book. It will really help awareness. I want to contribute my story as soon as I get up the energy to write something. You`ll hear from me soon.

    Best wishes
  5. cureforpain

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    That's awesome, Kathryn!

    I just saw the 2-part Golden Girl episodes for the first time last month. It is so well done, I knew instinctively that whoever wrote it had lived through it firsthand. It had me laughing and crying at the same time. When our stories are marginalized and minimized by society it means so much to see them being told to a wide audience. It's a shame Dorothy is miraculously cured a few episodes later, or so I heard. I guess Hollywood couldn't find a way to get humor out of having her on the couch in her bathrobe all day long, while life passes her by! LOL I think it could have been done humorously, but they weren't willing to put forth the effort... Well, we're really lucky Susan Harris got CFS and was able to do 2 episodes about it on a hit tv show. Not that I would wish CFS on anyone in an influential position or anything... <eg>

    Any CFSers out there who haven't seen this should get a copy of Kathryn's tape! :)

  6. kmelodyg

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    That's awesome!! I like that! Thanks!! I am not familar with the Susan Harris show. What is that all about? I have this wonderful new invention, the Cable DVR. It's Digital Cable where you can record programs without using a video tape! I usually scan through the upcoming week for possible related shows and tape them. That's how I have ended up with alot of those things on my mixed tape!!

    I am very suprised that I have not had more responses from people about the tape! Whenever "I Remeber Me" pops up on the board, people are scrounging to get someone to send them a copy! I am already sending it to 9 people so far. It's such a great tape to have!!! I am going to change the title of the post, and mabye that will get more attention!!

    Hopefully I will hear from more of you soon!!

    Lots of Love,
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    Yes, count me in. I will begin writing my story for you and e mail you. This is wonderful. Where in the world did you get the energy to take such a task.