do you worry about being ' addicted or..

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    mostly about just having your pain gone?
    ill be honest,
    i absolutly -
    at this point...
    dont even think about addiction-
    all i want is no pain anymore.

    maybe the word isnt a
    ' addiction'
    that i am thinking of...
    but when i wake up
    that is unfortuatly
    the first thing i feel ``````````pain...
    and at night in bed- the last...

    do you all also?
    am i obsessing?
  2. No, I don't think you're obsessing, per se, I think, that as we go on with our illnesses (I've ALWAYS been a constant thinker/worrier--but have learned to cut the obsessing off when I catch it, I just like to think, ponder, although, not near as sharp as I used to be, I like to always think. I just think too much about wrong things sometimes..)

    Anyways, I think with being ill, our brains do have too much "down-time" so...what else is it* to do, but flood us with thoughts, which can be good, or can be bad, if excessive, or negative. I don't think your post, is either, you've just been thinking a little. Self-exploring maybe. There's nothing wrong with that..

    Another example I thought of (hope it makes sense, I'm in a world of hurt, and a lonnggg bout of insomnia)

    Regarding pills, addiction, etc....If you have muscle spasms, and you have to take a muscle relaxer to stop them, (have one in your calf--try to walk!) depend on the med to stop that at all addiction? No way. Just like someone's wise comparison with diabetics, depending on insulin...

    It steadies their sugar, so they can function, without it, they would be very sick, in many different ways, with it, they function.

    Pain medication---same thing to me. Without it, no life, bedridden, depressed.

    With it* I stand a chance of at least being able to attend holidays with family, even if I "just get by" which is what I do most days... I don't lay around with just constant morbid thoughts.

    It's just giving a little bit of life to us. We deserve as MUCH of a quality of life as possible. Right now for me, (my patches need increased after 6 months) my pain is prettty miserable, but, I see my doc on the 8th. Praying she will increase, just before the holidays. Shopping kills. I don't want to dread it, as I have every other year since being ill. I used to LOVE the holidays. I want to at least like* them again.

    See, lol NOW who's thinking too much/obsessing ;-)

    You're fine.

    I only worry about my life day-to-day & how to get through it, & educating myself more & more daily, & striving for better discipline on diet (gluten/casein free) those are the things I 'worry' about.

    Hugs 2 u.