Do your gums hurt more when you get your teeth cleaned

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    I take good care of my teeth and have had relatively few dental problems. Today I went to have my teeth cleaned and the pain was ridiculous! My gums felt so sore. I felt every touch of that darn plaque picker or whatever you want to call it. The dentist sees no gum problems at this time. I'm thinking that it's the Fibro and a heightened sensation of pain in my gums. Could this be? Has anyone else noticed a change in the sensitivity of your gums since being diagnosed? Geez, I think I need a pain pill just to get through a cleaning next time!
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    And I always take a pain pill before I go to the dentist or get my hair done as the pulling on my hair about kills me.

    I absolutely think it is the FMS.

    Lately, due to stress, I have been clenching my teeth during the day. It is a bad habit, but I can't seem to stop doing it.

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  3. rosemarie

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    I worked for a dentist off and on for 15 years. I learned so very much about what went on during the cleanings that we all go through.

    When your hygenist is usuing a scaler it is a sharp curved or straight instrument that will go under the gum line to reach the plaque that is under your gums. Since this sharp instrument is under the gumline it will some time hit a spot where the plaque is really hard to remove and the more that she works on that spot it will bleed.

    Most bleeding is because we all can have a mild periodauntal diease that is a mild infection that will be easy cured if you have your teeth cleaned and you regulary floss. So when you see blood after she has cleaned you teeth it is a sign that you really need to floss more, and you can use a salt water rince to help get rid of the mild infection.

    Some times the placque is really deep and it has made a depression in the gumline and your hygenist will stick a instrument that will messure how deep it wil go under and in to the gum line the normal is under 3 cm and anything other than that can be a problem and it is down low and she will use a straightt stick like instrument looking thing and it measures how deep the pocket of infection is and some times just that pokeing will make your gums bleed.

    So you need to brush you teeth as your are instructed for 2 minutes twice a day and floss once a day, you can usea alllready flosser that has on one end the floss that you will use up and down and will get it inall the spaces and get out all the plaque or you can use the floss by your hands and use 18 inches of it to get it done right.

    MY teeth always bleed everytime I get the flossed and cleaned and I don't really have a periondtional deiase but it is really sensitive to the scalers and probes. SO I take a pain pill before I go to the dentist to have ANy work down on mebut them I am a baby. I know everything that they are doing to me and you don't so I am watching it play out in my head. I used to get stained teeth from drinking diet coke and shelly would hace tp scrape off the discolerization and then polish them really well.

    Some times even it you brush twice a day and floss once a day but your teeth are really tight together they wil bleed a bit becasue you can't alwasy get the floss to go down to the bottom of the tooth and get the plaque so the gums will bleed. So try to brush 2x a day and to floss once a day adn to rince out you mouth after every meal getting out all the particles of left over food from your mouth it freshens your breath and gets rid of all the things that will give you bad breath.

    Remember that if you smoke your gums will bleed easier and if you chew they will bleed easier too. The smokes and chew will give yoou an infectionin your gum so youreally need to brush them and floss them and see that you get you teeth cleaned twice a year.

    I know that my gums bleed easier becasue of the fibro as it is an inflamatation and it will make them bleed more and if your takeing ibphhreun, asprin, they are all blood thinners and they will make you gums bleed too.

    I would recomend that you rince your mouth out onnnce or twice a week with diluted hydrogen perixode and water and it will help but it fizzes and does not taste good either so you may want to use listerine for the mouth wash as it will help with the infections gums get infected really easy as we eat al the time but we don't always brush after eating all the time or do we floss all thetime

    When your done with the scaling your hyegenist will polish your teeth with pumice a fine soft grind and it will polish your teeth really good. but it too does not taste good either.

    So if you don't want your gums to bleed , Brush your teeth after every meal and to floss once a day and to brush your Tounge too. You should use listerine too to help fight the things that will cause infection in oyour gums too. The best electric tooth brush isthe one that sends an ultrasonic pulse under the water and under your gums and it will push oout all the things tat are not good for you. And the will make your teeth feel like they have been polished everyday. Remeber that if you are stressed, it is easier to get gum diease and to have your gums bleed. The better you brush your teeth , tounge T brush your teeth at the gum line too and it wil really help your dental health too.

    Brushing your teeth is good for them and when you floss it helps avoiid the plaque that will stick to your teeth and can go under the gumline. But if you don't brush your teeth daily and floos having your teeth cleaned can hurt a bit too also it can hurt becasue the hygenist is pressing too hard on your teeth that can cause pain in your teeth. So when you get home take a tyelonyl or advil and rince your mouth with saaalt wather to help get rid of any infection that was there and it will help to heal it too.

    I hope that i have helped and that I have goten my informatation right for you. I have not assisted for over 6 years now and I really miss it, but after I shattered my left wrist so badly , I lst so much in movement and being able to use it alot and it hurts me to just type let alone to pass instruments to the dentist too. I do miss this job as i really g=felt like i was doing some thing that was good for everyone. and it made me feel better about me.

    ONe last thing if you have had open heart sursgery or had a pace maker in your body and had heart surgery to open a vein you , or your prone to infections you need to take antibocitics three days before the appointment adn 3 daays after it. It is called probiotics it is so that you do not get an infection that will get in the blood stream.
    So it is recemoned that all heart patients thoses, with an immune problem, and thoses who get ill easier that nromal.

    HUgs to all,
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  4. lmmillion

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    Rosemarie-thank you for all of the info. I appreciate it.
    I think I will take a pain pill before I go next time!
  5. Pianowoman

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    This is a good thread. Rosemarie, thanks for all the great information. I just had my teeth cleaned yesterday and I'm wondering why my gums are hurting!!
    I have some periodontal disease so I will add your recommendation to use mouth wash. I just started using the Sonic brush last week. It takes a bit of getting used to but I like it a lot! Expensive, though.

    Thanks again


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