Do your pain and other symptoms let up if your away from home??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. campbeck97

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    Hi All. I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else, I can leave my home for a day or two, say go to a motel in another town about sixty miles from home and my pain lets up. hardly any stiffness and sleep good ! (on a hotel mattress no less) .This has happened to me a number of times or if we go on a vacation for a few days it does the same thing, whats the deal? is my house making me sick?as soon as I return home all the aches and pain returns along with the other fibro symproms. i wonder how this could be?? its not like i dont like being in my home...i love our home. I just feel its so strange to feel almost normal anywhere besides home. it has to be away from home for more than a couple hours like to go shopping. Just interested if this happens to anyone else? God Bless thanks becky
  2. kat211

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    for mold. I found mold in my home 6 weeks after I bought it last year and it has made my fibro worse and added a ton of new symptoms. I am currently involved in a very intensive and difficult law suit b/c of it. I feel much better if I am not at home, but being unemployed and sick, I am home most of the time.
  3. AllWXRider

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    Look for wet sheet rock areas. Black streaky, fuzzy anything near any faucet inside or outside. Pier and beam foundation? Use a strong flashlight.

    How about that air conditioner? Cold, wet and dark; add some house dust and it breeds molds of every color. They usually have a hatch door for clean out. the coils inside are the ones to look at. Don't forget about that car AC too. Lysol is a great where you can't reach.

    When you heat up the AC coils from the furnace, it can really warm up the breeding process. Bleach sprays are great at mold killing, but be careful of the chlorine fumes.

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