Doc and support group in Grand Rapids MI

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  1. thisibj

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    Hi I'm new here. Have had fm for about 3 years now and going through a bad flare up right now and need help!!!!
    I am only 24 and really want my life back. So if anyone could help me find a Doc and/or support group in or around grand rapids michigan i would be very thankful. And i would appreciate any advice on this DD.
  2. Shirl

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    Hi, welcome to the board. So sorry you are feeling so bad.

    I have FM, so will let the others share what they are doing to help with the CFS.

    You can go to the top of this page, there is a link for 'Doctor Referrals', they are listed by states.

    Also the 'Home' page has a link to 'Support Groups', also listed by states, the index is on the leftside of that board.

    Sure hope this helps, and that you are feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. NanceZ

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    Hi there!

    I live in GR also and have CFS. I've recently begun work with Dr denBoer. He's a naturopath/holitiscly trained doc and a chiropractor. he has a web site with his name then the dot com. In my few visits thus far I am THRILLED with him and his whole staff.

    He said to me........"I have treated many people as sick as you and they all get may take a short time or a long time but I will stick with you no matter what and you will get better."

    In the month or little more since I've started with him I feel better than I have in a year. He has a waiting list so call and get on it!!
  4. scottabir

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    Hello I am 23 and in G.R. too. I have been going to a chiropractor/nutritionist as well. I have been seeing him for 9 months now and I feel so much better already. He too told me he has seen other woman who are as ill as I am and they too are on their road to recovery. He bases all of his treatments on individual needs and does not have a "one for all" FM treatment. He has two offics, one in Byron Center and one in G.R. off of Northland. Also my PCP gave me a phone number for a support group here in GR. I have not called the number but if you would like it please let me know. My email is in my profile.

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    I just read in one of your posts that your Chiro uses Metagenics, mine does too. I firmly believe that Metagenics is the best stuff out there. I haven't started any detox programs yet. I am on a program to treat my insulin resistance first. My Dr feels that is most important for me right now. I have only been on the Metagenics program for 2 months and I can't believe the difference!!!

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  6. thisibj

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    The only doc on the list in G.R. doesn't accept my insurance. I finally got an appt. with a pain specialist but thats not until sept. 8. My current doc is not very open to many treatments. Have something wrong with my back right now something seems to "pop" when I take a deep breath and when I am lying down. Went to doc twice and niether time got to see my regular doc. But one of the new ones is the one who sent me to a pain spec. I guess I should start looking for a new doc that is willing to treat me sufficiently. Well thanks for the help.