Doc appt. best pain meds?

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  1. Sissy123

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    I have a doctors appointment wednesday and I would like to know what pain meds help for you, and muscle relaxers, and sleep meds. I just want to know my options so I can get the best relief possible. I am already on some meds but still am on my heat pad, my best friend lately, and now have first degree burns on my back so they abviously are not working too well. What meds have given you relief? Thanks, Sis
  2. thearae

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    Hey Sis:

    I read alot on these message boards, but don't usually post. I have taken vicoprophen for the past three years for my fibro. If I hadnt found a Dr. that would give me this I don't know what I would have done. They help me to at least lead a semi-normal life.
    They are hydrocodone(like in vicodin) but instead of the acetominaphen(tylenol) in it, it has ibuprophen(advil).
    This helps me so much that I could'nt even tell you.
    An hour before I go to bed, I take 20 mg. of Flexeril. This helps relax my muscles, and allows me to (usually) have a good nights rest.
    Good Luck at your Dr.'s appt. Hope you find something that works for you as well as these work for me.
  3. elaineberg

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    I have been taking Norco 10 mg but I would rather get my doc to switch to the vicoprophen. What strength does it come in?
  4. Applyn59

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    I have taken so many different drugs for this and I end
    up getting used to most of them. What I have found the most effective for muscle relaxant and sleep is
    Zanaflex. I was on flexeril prior to this and this is much stronger and more effective. I felt drunk the first night I took it but now I am used to it. I take 3 mg and started
    with 1/4 of the pill and worked up to see how I handled it. I also like xanax for sleep and daytime muscle relaxing. Zanaflex is too strong for me to take during the day. I don't take muscle relaxants much in the day but if I need to , I will take xanax. Ambien is okay for sleep but I don't find it too effective. I take Norco 10 for pain.

    I currently am having a horrible time getting to sleep no matter what I take. I also tried Klonipin for sleep. That helped but then stopped working. I also think it gives me a hangover.

    Good luck
  5. Jane57

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    I have tried many things over the last four years. Some work at different times of the year though. The weather affects me so much. When the barometric pressure changes I know I am going to hurt like the dickens.
    The main things that seem to help me the most though is Skelaxin, Clelebrex, Ultracet, and Sonata to be able to sleep. I also take several vitamins and herbs.
    Start out trying one at a time because over time we seem to keep adding more because we are scared to not take someting when we are feeling better because if might make you worse again. The ultracet is the last drug I have started taking and have had very good luck with it. Don't know if it is the combination or what. I also have asthma and GERD so I have drugs I have to take for them. I went from no drugs 4 and 1/2 years ago to 11 prescription drugs now. Disgusting!!!!!!
  6. IndigoSC

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    I've tried many different muscle relaxers...skelaxin, robaxin, flexeril, zanaflex, and soma. I was even on 16mg a day of zanaflex (4 4mg tablets) but the one that I've found works best to relax muscles and that I can stay awake is Soma....i take it 4 times a day and they are 350mg tablets. As for pain meds, I don't know....cause I have not found a doctor yet who will give me any pain meds...that's been an ongoing challenge for me, because i'm sure i could benefit from having some, at least sometimes, so i could lead a more normal life. I just don't know how people get their doctors to actually give them any pain meds...mine seem to treat me like a druggie or something if I ask for them....
    Indigo (Sharon)
  7. bakron

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    I have been on Celexa (antidepressant) 20 mg at night with Ultracet, 2 at night. My thyroid was low, so I've taken Synthroid for one month now. The Synthroid has helped the day fatigue somewhat, but my nights have been disturbed, and I haven't been able to sleep well which has caused more of the aches and pains than usual. Today, my physician prescribed Neurontin, 200 mg at night to take with my other medications. I'm hopeful that the Neurontin will help to give a good rest tonight.

    I really think that the Ultracet has been an excellent pain reliever, and in combination with the Celexa has really helped me at night as far as the pain. My physician seems to think that these three drugs that I've mentioned seem to work the best with her other patients who have FM.

    I hope that these posts help you.
  8. JP

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    Hello Sis,

    It really depends on you. I have been on Vicodin ES, Oxycontin and now Dilaudid. I could not tolerate the side effects of the Oxycontin and the Dilaudid is giving me the best coverage for keeping my persistant pain under control. I have used Soma in the past for a muscle relaxant. It works fairly well for me. I use Elavil for sleep and nerve pain.

    I hope you find the perfect medicine with the best coverage. Keep us posted.

    Take care,