Doc Gave Me Klonopin, but Says She Won't Refill????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyw, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. nancyw

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    Update from my post yesterday regarding my weird reactions to being on Restoril for the last week. Felt so "out of it" yesterday I called my doc about 4:00 PM. Still hadn't heard from her as of this AM so decided to visit the office and give her my past week's sleep schedule. My sleep didn't improve at all with the Restoril and, in fact, got worse these last few days. I usually wake up between 3-6 times a night. Last night I decided I wasn't taking the Restoril and went to bed about 8:30 with lights out at 9:30. DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL and by 4:00 AM, I decided to take 2 Flexeril which has given me some relief in the past. Slept from 4:00 AM until about 7:00 AM. Anyway, doc's nurse called after I dropped off my "sleep schedule" and said doc would prescribe Klonopin for a month, but it was not a drug to be given over a long period so she wanted to let me know up front the doc wouldn't refil it. Hhhmmm???? Oh well, I don't have a clue if it will work or not so I decided not to argue at this point. I said I would continue to document my sleep patterns: when to bed, when to sleep, when wake up, etc. I will pick up prescrip tomorrow and try tomorrow night. I think doc prescribed .5 mg, but I might just do 1/2 of that first night. Wish me luck. I do feel much more in control today than I did yesterday. That seems so strange that a med for sleep could have made me that wired.
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    Is not a drug which should be stopped cold turkey once you have started it. I don't know whether taking it for a month would hurt or not, but stopping it cold turkey can cause seizures. I would speak to the pharmacist about this. Many people here have been on Klonopin for years at the same dose. If we want to stop, we must wean off of it.

    There is a good article by Dr. Cheney on Klonopin in our library. I would read it.

    You are smart to start out slowly as in the beginning it may take a few days to get used to this med.

    Love, Mikie
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    What's the point of her giving it to you for a month and then not refilling it? Sounds like she doesn't know WHAT to do for your sleep problem. I've been having problems and my doctor referred me to a Sleep Specialist. Maybe that's what you need. Talk to her about this. Giving you something to help you sleep and then taking it away doesn't make much sense to me.

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    My doctor gave it to me to help me sleep also. I have a nightly cocktail of Klonopin, Flexeril, Zoloft and 1/2 an Ambien. I usually sleep pretty well on this. I do have flares where nothing I take will help me sleep but most of the time this works. I hope it works for you. If it works I'd talk to your doctor about continuing it. They worry because it's addictive - it's life Valium.

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    at least that's what my doc said when he gave me a scrip on Monday.
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    Some docs do confuse physical dependence with addiction. We do become physically dependent on the Klonopin and that's why we must wean off of it when we quit. I agree that you should find another doc. This one obviously doesn't have a clue as to why Konopin is prescribed for us to help with sleep, anxiety, muscle spasms, sensory overload, and pain.

    BTW, the ZMA sold here works synergystically with whatever else is used for sleep. It's great stuff.

    Love, Mikie

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    I think they are all going crazy,docs.and pharmacist!!! Did you say that they couldn't find a pharmacy that carried Klonopin???? and I agree with the others---why give it to you for one month and then say you can't take it anymore. I have been taking it for over 10 years and I think that it is one of the best meds. for fm.I take it at night to help with the muscle spasms. Sometimes if I run out of it, I have gone as long as 3 days, before getting it refilled. I don't do that on purpose, but if it's Friday night and I've forgotten to call the pharmacy calls on Monday. I did not realize that it was such a highly rated drug. I would go with out my flexiril, elavil, and most anything else but I will fight for my Klonopin. Are different drugs rated differently in different states?????????
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    Did you give your doc a copy of the Klonopin article in the Library? (If you need help finding it, search for Klonopin and find the one titled "Dr. Cheney discusses the benefits of Klonopin..." or something like that.)

    He also discusses it in the article Dr. Cheney's Basic Treatment Plan for CFS. I don't think I found that in a search, other than typing in his name and going back to Oct. 19, 2001.

    If she hasn't seen this yet, maybe she'll change her mind. If she has seen it and she still feels that way, she's a jerk.
  9. nancyw

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    Yes, I've read all the Dr. Cheney info on Klonopin. We'll see how this trial goes and if it works, I'll give my doc a copy of the article. Thanks to all!
  10. Mikie

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    You don't want to be without it having a reaction for stopping the med cold turkey.

    Love, Mikie