doc in oklahoma--know any?

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    i once again am finding myself in need of a new doc (old one retired, replacement sucks). does anyone have a fibro-friendly doc, pref. in norman, but okc or mwc ok. i've been taking lortab awhile and not prepared to give it up, so i need someone who will prescribe and not pooh pooh fibro. the other doc was too good to be true, but i guess all good things must come to an end.
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    thanks for all the tips--everything is welcome!
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    I've been asking abt this too. I live in a very small rural town and you have to travel to OKC to see anyone other than a regular doc. There's a poster on here from Ok that said she had a very hard time finding someone. I ask who she finally found but got no answer.
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    Thank you.
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    I'm called about 20 places - with NO LUCK - I have Tricare ins. was referred to Shnitz in OKC but he is TERRIBLE and RUDE to everyone who encounters him and his staff! AND they cant get me in for 4 months anyways! PLEASE let me know if you know of any good Fibro Docs in oklahoma!! PLEASE!
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    A wonderful Rheumatologist I go to is in Edmond and his name is Dr. Craig Carson. I am not sure if he is taking new patients, but there are 3 others in his pracitce. I have never dealt with more caring,professional people.
    I am also starting with a new internist, Dr Charlyce Davis. she does chronic illness. She was recommended to me from a friend. I tried family physicians for my numerous diagnoses and they have not worked out for me. So I am anxious to see this lady. She is with Integris and she has a video on one f the Integris sites on the internet. She is taking new patents.
    Dr Carson makes you sign a pain contract and they are very strict about it. tthey do give pain medicene. they are not hesitant to send you to specialists if needed. they also use pain management docs for pain management procedures at The spine Hospital in Oklahome City.
    Hope this gives you some ideas. I know Dr. Carson has patients from all over. One comes in form Colorado, I heard that last time I was there!!! Good Luck!!!!let us know what luck you have!!!