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    I just got copies of my primary care physicians medical records. They are pretty weak to make a case for SSDI. They are nothing like what we talked about in the exam room. He has pushed me to go on disability even when I was working. He did not mention it once in the record. Not once did he state that I was disabled. He verbally told me this summer that on October 1st 2007 he had confirmed that I was disabled. There is not even a progress note for that day. Perhaps the copies are not all correct. I'm on my way in to his office to discuss this with him.

    I'M IN A PANIC!!! I feel like I should cancel my appointment with SS on Monday.

    To all of you that won your cases; did you win in spite of your medical records. I'm guessing not. Oh my goodness.

    I am so stressed right now that all I want to do is go back to bed and rot there.


  2. charlenef

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    are you filing or going to a hearing? if you just filing go because youll be denied at first anyway then go and see a rhumey(if it is for fibro) the judges all want to see you see a specialist to confirm your dx also always get your paper work so you know what it says as you go along through this good luck charlene

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