doc says i am getting better?!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ckk

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    i went to the doc yesterday and he prescribed to me ultram and a weaker vicaden becaue i was getting better!!!!!! wasnt that nice of him to figure that out all on his own? now i guess he can climb into my body and feel what i feel! i just don't get where he even got that. the only thing i said was today isn't a real bad day. and that is how he got i was doing better! any of you ever get any of that from your doctors? just wondering......
  2. fivesue

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    He didn't realize that if you did feel better, it probably was because of you pain meds? What a dope!

    My very bad next time so you can get back the original dose. Does he think this DD is something you just get over? Duh!

    Well, my opinions of doctors is in the tanks this week, so you have just added confirmation to this opinion!

    I hope you will be OK. Please take care of yourself.

  3. Rosiebud

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    I learned a long time ago to keep my good days under my hat when dealing with doctors.

    Luckily my current doctor understands that this illness fluctuates and a few good days or even months doesnt mean I'm getting better.

    We can have months of feeling and thinking we are getting better then wham another relapse/flare, it's the nature of the illness and your silly doctor should know that.

    If you have to go back and ask for stronger meds then explain to him, take some info with you. I had to educate my doctor but he was willing to learn, I took him so many printouts that I embarrassed myself.

    If not, you should see about changing doctors.

    Silly Man.


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    I have done a similar thing as dncnfngrs deliberately flared myself up. This was during my SSI meeting with my attorney and the day for the actual SSI hearing and a few times at the doctors office. I simply took no meds. for three days before the meeting/hearing and stayed up a little later at night to worsen the effects and I looked and felt terrible the next day. It hurt bad and it was obvious that I wasn't feeling good either. The hard headed judge and two other case workers in the room still denied my case! Like I was faking it or something. I was so furious that I appealed it again and it is still pending waiting for a new hearing. Even some of the doctors paid little attention to how I looked and felt on my terrible days. They just made a note of it and nothing further. I could be dragged in the doctors office or judges room half dead and they will still think I am fine. I can't get no respect!.
  5. ckk

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    thanks to all of you who have given advice. who'd thought that i had to "play games" in order for the doctor to listen to me! i can't even believe some of the things that we all go thru! it's just ridiculous. next time i will listen to you guys and hopefully he will help me out last time i checked all the things i had are not curable! but hey maybe my doctor is THAT good, lol. thank you again guys i really appreciate your input.
  6. Bambi

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    my doctor said "If you are in severe
    pain with the meds then they aren't working and I'd have no reason to be
    prescribing them"..boy that told me I need to just be honest about it. My
    pain meds aren't the cure but they have given me back my life to a large
    degree, along with all the other things I do..and I would NOT want to have to try to go back to Satan's workshop where I resided before the pain control!
  7. Mareeok

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    ...from my doctors so I tell them I am in bad pain no matter how that particular day is going. Sometimes I feel like talking to them

    V E R Y S L O W l y

    and forming my words very carefully so I don't lose their attention.
  8. neldwn2me

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    I had gone to the emergency room becouse I was in pain. And I was hobbeling and had a case of gout. I had called my docs off. They told me to go to the emergency. But at my visit they were mad couse i didnt go to the hos they wonted me to. And then asked why they gave me muscle relaxent and pain meds? Duh. I wonder do some docs forfit common sense for book sense. God Bless
  9. Beckula

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    Yeah, my doc's a piece of work, too. One day he was talking to me about trying new pain meds and I was like, "OK, so he wants to help me!" Then I went back to him a few times and the pain meds seriously never helped, so he decided, OK no more trying, your body isn't responding so basically he decides not to give me ANYTHING for pain, just the good ol' Eavil at night. I have even gone back a few times and I am in super duper pain and I paid a co-pay to watch him show me a bunch of exercises to strengthen me.

    Yeah, I have been searching for a new doc, in Minnesota of all places (silly, because we are supposedly one of the best places in the nation for healthcare).

    I am sorry this is happening to you. But I guess I am not a doctor-seeker anymore, as it has always just made me angry, depressed and frustrated.
  10. JLH

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    It's really awful when you don't know how to act when you go to the doc anymore!! You just can't win!

    My daughter always told me to go without makeup, so he could really see more of how I feel. I think, for me, she was meaning my rheumy because I have Lupus, and then he can see the redness rash on my face, etc.

    Take care,