**Doc sent me to a great clinic**

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    I don't know if this is coincidence or not. But my Doc's office joined together with A chirpractor, accupuncture, massage clinic. They believe more in chinese herbs and way of healing.

    Anyways they did a pulse point computer generated test on me, and it told them how all my organs and what not were functioning and the problems I would be having. Oh my gosh when he was reading the symptoms to me he it was me to a "T" about 90%. So doc comes in to see me and explains what they will do, first I got accupuncture done, with massage from a chinese herbalist guy, then the doc came back in and said he would give me an adjustment after a couple of sessions. Well starting from the top of my head all the way down to my feet, I had 22 needles or 24 can't remember exactly.

    But I walked out of there feeling wonderful and relaxed. Not to mention a major problem of mine is constipation, mind you this was Wed. and I have had more bowel movements in 2 days than the last month. I am so happy I am very optimistic, if this all works I'm hoping I might be able to get off of some of my meds.

    Just had to share so excited. Sorry if it was to graphic for anyone.


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