Doc told me NO for provigil or stattera .but I still need energy!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjan9, Aug 29, 2003.

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    So I can't help but feel a little green like the lil icon guy to the left of the screen. I've been through a bad bout of brainfogged spells the works. All I can seem to get from the medical profesion is a few pain meds if I don't appear to be some kinda addict to them. Guess they'd have to live it. I'm going to go pick up baclofen (muscle relaxer} and Ultram (pain med) I'm used to vicodin and robaxin. I took in Joel Teitelbaum's fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome protocol and expressed to him all the stuff I've tried before and said so many on the message boards have expressed their experiece with the cns meds and I just wanted to try but NOOO! He let me know that fibromyalgia %took up about 50% of their day! Made comments that all that stuff really was is speed and he made comments about how our pilots are on that stuff (with disgust). I'm really limited here with my finaces or I'd seek a specialists thats interested in helping me with all this fatigue, and lethargy. I don't have a lot of money to try supplement after supplement I've tried so many in the past!! I may give NADH another try or coEnzyme10 maybe. THanks for letting me vent. Anyone got any ideas or comments how they recieved help with these problems?
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    What kind of Dr are you using to try to get the provigil? I have been on it for almost a year now. My neurologist is who prescribes mine. Actually I am on my 2nd neurologist, as we just relocated the 1st of this year. My 2nd neurologist had no problem with keeping me on it, as he said it only made sense. I did have to get pre-authorization from my insurance company, but the Dr's office took care of that. The only thing I have found negative about it is that my body just screams to lay down & take a nap, but when I try, my mind just won't shut down long enough for me to get to sleep. But least I can lay down and rest the old thing! :)
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    You metnioed that you might try COQ10. I have used it for 10 years and it really helps with the energy problem. If you can get ahold of a vitamin catalogue, you can buy it at a reduced price. You might want to talk to a health practitioner about the advisability and the dosage. As for the brain fog, I find that a little caffeine, and/or diet Pepsi or coke, or a handful of equal amounts of almonds and raisins, all help. Most of all, rest and less stress are what help the most. As soon as I get upset or stressed, my brain foggs up. I hope this info is helpful to you, Take care. Terry
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    They contain aspertame which is very bad for us. The brand name is Neutrasweet. If you want to drink diet colas, Diet-Rite uses Splenda, which is not as bad as the aspertame, but it contains chlorine, so it is also not a good choice.

    Caffeine is not the best for us, but it is no worse than using the Rx stimulants and may be a decent compromise. Some uses half and half decaf and coffee in the morning.

    Love, Mikie