doc visit, interesting take on what causes fm

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    went to see my doc today. i called yesterday as i can't take this pain anymore. now it's in my fingers. like RA. so we upped the methadone (again) to once every 7 hrs instead of 12. and i went to have blood test for:

    chem panel
    arthritis panel
    cbc of course
    and the following i don't know what they are for???
    T-4 free*

    maybe thyroid?

    anyway we had a good talk as i am applying for disability and how frustrating this all is.

    trying to find what causes FM in the first place would be a big step. but as i am frustrated and don't care why anymore, just fix it! but if we could find a commonality with each of us...hence the polls, we could start somewhere. however, he says like heart disease and cancer, there are many causes for 1 disease. maybe there is not one cause. i told him everyone here has different stories and some common threads. so never looked at it like that before.

    also, FM and CFS should NOT be lumped into one big group. i understand for the boards sake maybe that is why, however, these 2 diseases are separate from each other and should not be considered one or even close to each other.

    although also i am aware alot of our symptoms are the same,,,right jessica????? :)i may have lupus symptoms, and cross referencing for us to help each other combat these things in common is a must. i am getting tired so not making much sense, but i hope you get my drift...

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    I have both FMS and CFIDS and both are different; however, there is a huge area of overlap of symptoms. There are a lot of people with Lupus and MS who also have FMS and I do not think that is a coincidence. I do believe there is a connection between these and a whole bunch of other illnesses. There are a lot of us here who have both CFIDS and FMS.

    In terms of treatment, I treat the symptoms and attack my illnesses on as many fronts as I can. Many of the treatments we use will treat the symptoms of either or both these two illnesses. The Guai, on the other hand, is strictly for the FMS.

    Since no one knows what does cause our illnesses, I think it is premature to say they are not connected or close to one another. We just do not know. The best we can do is try different treatments and use what works for us.

    Love, Mikie
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    gotcha. i understand and of course once again must defend my open mouth syndrome. my doc just said that are 2 separate entities. although i totally agree w/you as something is the same and overlapping..."what" is the question. i have been pondering this and maybe i should post everything with me from birth to see if anyone else or a large % hit on something we have in common besides the pain and fatigue.