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    have a question, does anyone with this DD ever retain fluid, i have gained 30lbs. in 3wks, My doc wanted me admitted to hosp. for fluid retention. only have one kidney. she didn't want me on diuretics, but the er sent me home after giving me a double dose of lasics. and prescribed lasics (not sure on spelling). and said i have a urinary tract infection. i have been in extreme pain all week, i get exhausted just walking from the front of my house to the back. I am really fustrated, with the er, the dotors at the cleveland clinic said no diuretics, and my urologist here. history lost one kidney, june 2004 and right kidney reconstructed sept 2004. and have been dz with fibro, in the last year also. just wondering if any one else has this problem.
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    I have horrible problems with fluid retention. A few weeks ago I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor becasuse my left leg was so swollen and painful. I couldn't even wear my flip-flops because my foot was so swollen.

    The doc sent me for tests to make sure there was no blood clot... and there wasn't.

    She put me on prednisone because I was so sick and within about 2 and a half weeks I lost about 20 pounds.

    So, to answer your question... yes.

    Have they mentioned anything to you about inflammation. My doctor told me that I was full of inflammation and the swelling was an indicator of that.
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    Because you only have one kidney, I would go by what the kidney doctor said--forgot the proper name for them. Is it nephrologist? Do you have diabetes? Just wondering why you lost a kidney?

    I'm sort of surprised you aren't in the hospital. Last place I would want to be, but if I gained 30 pounds in 3 weeks, I may be begging to be put into the hospital. You need to protect the kidney you have.

    I used to have a fluid problem in legs and feet, but it just went away. I get a little problem from sitting here at night and drinking bottles of water. It's cold (I have a small refrigerator in here) and really is good.

    I just got over Cystitis in September and had a 101.3 fever and blood in the urine. Went I went back a few weeks later temp was 97.3. That is what I run most of the time.

    I don't know what to tell you to do, but I would think the kidney doc would be able to help you.

    Hope you feel better soon and prayers to you!

    Big hugs,
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    Hope that your dr's are able to sort out soon what is going on & give you some relief.
    ~*Gentle Hugs*~

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    thanks to all of you, it is a great help. i lost my one kidney to kidney stones, the left kidney was completly calcified. put it this way, the kidney turned to stone.,
    i will be calling my doc as soon as there office opens, on wed. they do not open till one. took the diuretic last night and still swollen this morn. thankyou for all your care.