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  1. 3gs

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    Guess its my turn to vent!
    I have been seeing a family practice doc for a couple of years mainly because he would give pain meds. Hate to go see him because he is inconsistent and doesnt really help.
    Today was the end. I told him my pain as gotten worse then he cut the amount and refills! Also that there not working that well and need to look at something longer lasting. His response was thats the way it go's!
    Then theres the who else do you get meds from do you buy off of street!

    I told him how Im becoming housebound and bedbound bad heart palptions short of breath,tremors etc. Throat,neck swelling and hurt fever all over feeling of inflamtion. Didnt matter what I said he just checked out. Did want to go Cymbalta route(no way tried that). Did some blood work but then when he gets results theres no treatment.

    Not once did he even listen to my heart or ever exams me. Asked for sleep study nothing. Usually have to chase him down the hallway to get stuff he just gets up and leaves room!

    Anyway hope this makes sense in bad flare and brainfog. Tried of docs that dont exam or listen. Just feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to find new doc,theres been so many.
    getting hopeless about this whole dang thing. Feeling like Im in a crisis and going to crash soon.
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  2. Janalynn

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    Oh your poor thing!
    I know you're foggy, but I'm trying to understand. You went to see him today, but you have an appt in two days?

    How much did he cut your pain meds down? Did you ask him why he would do that? Did you ask or did he say what you're supposed to do? I mean, is his point to make you go somewhere else for pain management or treatment?

    He refused to fill your meds today? But he will in two days - but he cut down the amount and the # or refills? Sorry, I think I'm foggy as well.
    Trying to figure out his motive.
    Is there a pain clinic anywhere near you? Have you tried that before?

    What meds are you currently taking? I absolutely agree that the long lasting meds help tremendously. I have found that every Dr. I've seen has been less hesitant to prescribe those than the shorter acting.

    I know I've asked a lot of questions. It may not be easy for you to answer since you're not feeling well.
    Don't lose hope!!! There is someone out there that will help you - you just have to find the right Dr. Tell yourself that you will do that - and before you run out of meds. Hopefully your Dr. would NEVER let that happen.

    Sorry to hear about how you're feeling! Grab your heating pad, or fill your bathtub, try to relax tonight - there is nothing you can do tonight, so pamper yourself, take care of yourself, your body and your mind!

  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    thanks Janalyn.

    your right that didnt come out right. Meant he wouldnt fill meds til he saw me altho I had an appt in 2 days(was out couldnt get in). He cut me from 120 tabs to 90 Lortab 1 refills.

    He's kind of an odd duck. Just looks at you and some times answers some times not. Asked about longer acting meds just said thats the way it goes. asked for sleep study nothing. seriously had to go after him because he leaves room without giving me scrip or answers. says go into his office and wait then charges 350.00 for consult when its stuff you asked for in room! Never even listened to heart it was pounding like crazy and nurse kept taking blood pressure.

    Have thought he's just pushing me off. Pain clinics been there done that,sadly none will treat fibro cfs thats how I got started seeing him.

    You are right and I need to find away to see a new doc. been on waiting list for a year for fibro clinic. Is it all docs that dont touch pts anymore?

    feeling better from your hug thanks
  4. DRS! My dr listens but her advise for fibro is the same tune, water therapy. My rheum. dr. is reluctant to give injections lately, doesn't believe in pain pills and says he has done everything he can for me med wise. I trried cymbalta and had the worst diareah, been on neurontin, currently on lyrica low dose, feet swell , hands shake. Never took loratab is that a pain pill?

    My rheum. bends and twists my joints but I am in such pain for days afterwards.

    I am at the point of depressed like u, BUT can't tell drs that they will dole out depression pills. ITS the PAIN that makes you wear down and depressed so I HEAR YOU!

    I want to wake up one day and feel NORMAL! good luck to u.
  5. loto

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    It has to be even more frustrating and depressing to have a doctor without compassion. Fortunately my doctor is compassionate and listens to all my problems, even if he doesn't have specific answers for all of them! Hopefully you will find the right doctor soon!
    PS, a friend of mine's husband has nerve pain in his shoulder, and was finally referred to an ortho doctor who, surprisingly to me, is finally treating the guy thoroughly, and even ordered a lyme test for him! He also put him on neurontin for his nerve pain. Have you seen an ortho doctor before? Even if your problems don't pertain to your bones, maybe the ortho will be able to help more!
  6. sweetbeatlvr

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    i know how terrible it is to go through problems with doctors. it's such a shame we have to deal with that!

    so he cut your amount of lortabs down? no talk of possibly trying something new?

    i know it's not what you needed, but try and look at the "bright" side, that he did not take you off of them completely.

    try and go over new ways to approach the situation with him for the next time you see him, and cope the best way you can until then.

    have you ever tried any pain rubs? such as Aspercreme?

    for the pain that i still have after taking my meds, i use this (Aspercreme, although it's a generic form of it) and it works wonders for the troublesome spots, takes the pain right away! although, it only seems to work on the spots where the muscle pain is bad.

    i wish you the best in your journey to finding the best relief possible.<3

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