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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I just went in and got the results from my MRI on my neck. They did a MRI to help with finding out why I have so many headaches. I only have a little buldging but nothing major. I also have (have had for awhile now) a herniated lower disc that is slipped as well in my extreme lower back.

    Orthopedic doc wants me to start Physical therapy, possibly in water. I've done PT before and know that it causes pain. They push you pretty hard. He wants me to do it for back and for buldging in neck to try and loosen thngs up.

    Problem is that the work outs cause flares which require increase in meds. He is not my pain med doctor. I need to get ahold of my family doc and let her know what he wants to do. Hopefully she will be willing to go along with this otherwise it halts any progress w/my constant back pain. As we all know, those of us w/FMS are supposed to exercise as well. This kills two birds w/one stone so to speak.

    I just always have a problem going to doctors about more pain meds. I guess since I've been pushed around so much by doctors I'm actually afraid to ask anymore. The last 3 months have been brutal for me when it comes to doctors and getting any kind of help. It's got me feeling like a mouse instead of a lion when it comes to my health. That and my horrible experience at the Emergency room. That just crushed me.

    I'm going to pray about this and gather some strength from God. His grace is the only thing that gets me through sometimes. There is no way to do the therapy w/out the support of meds in flares. My old pain doc was supportive of this and that is why I was able to do therapy before. It did help w/my back.

    What do you suggest? I can always have my family doc call my orthopedic doc if she has concerns or questions. She is very nice and usually very supportive of me. She also knows me very well.

    Hugs to all and wishing you all a great night tonight.

    May we all be able to sleep more than 4 hours tonight!
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    Would a PT that is knowledgeable about FM be too much to ask for? Could such a person design a therapy program that would help your back without causing flares?

    Otherwise, having your family doc verify to your ortho doc that you have needed increased pain medication to cope with therapy in the past might help.
  3. Bailey-smom

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    agreement with you before you start. I was lucky enough to have my neurologist & PCP along for the ride with me and my PT and gave me Tromadol knowing that it was going to be needed for this dd.

    They also have said to call them if it is not doing the trick because PT can cause flares. My PT understands this and is going slowly so she wants to be as gentle as possible while still getting something done.

    I have heard horror stories here about Drs so I guess all I can say is make sure they are on board with you:)

    Good luck!


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