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    My doctor wants to try ECT which I think stands for electroconvulsive therapy on me to help break the long term so far unbreakable depression. I have been on one kind or another anti-depressant since 1989. None of them have helped. Has anyone else gone through this? Please let me know how and if it has helped. I know about the memory loss, but that is the only negative I have heard of. thanks
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    Hi! I started ECT in August (three times a week at first - now I'm doing once a week for four weeks, then will space them out further). The short term memory loss is definitely a problem. It also means a general anesthetic (sp?), but it is very brief and you aren't intubated. It has made a big difference for me. I'm also interested in VNS, but so far my insurance has turned it down as experimental. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have...
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    Have he tried to find the physical reasons for this first? I mean- REALLY gone out of his way to find physiological problems that may have been missed with standard testing?

    It is really a drastic thing, would you want to ask for a second opinion? I have heard varying results from this kind of treatment, and I am not sure about the side effects.

    Have you ever tried my favorite treatment for depression (accually PTSD) -counseling? It is by far the most successful way as far as I am concerned.

    You can decline this treatment if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

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    you should google the alpha stim they are suppost to have great results. charlene
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    The alpha is the only ray of hope I've come across. I've talked to company reps on the phone and online. Their research doctors believe it promotes neuroplasticity or creation of new neuronic connections. They've had amazing results with a variety of brain disorders. The pharmaceutical industry may be in for a rude awakening.