Doc won't give me Anti-Biotics without Mycoplasma test....

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    Dear All,

    Thought I let you know about my pursuit of ABX use. Saw my doc yesterday. I printed out a Q/A from Nicholson website about his recommended ABX treatment regimen. The question was from a doctor to Dr. Nicholson wanting to know how to treat CFIDS/Mycoplasma fermentas with ABX.

    My doc was really turned off by the 6 month regimen even though I thoroughly explained the theory behind the treatment. He said that is an extremely long time to be on ABX. He basically wanted to know what/when is the END GAME.
    He feels like he doesn't have a justified reason to put me on long-term ABX. I guess he didn't see a END GAME to such a treatment without more indepth justification.

    He had great concerns of me getting worst or not being able to get off ABX without getting worst.

    He ended up giving me a 2 week Script for Doxy. He wants me to see him after taking it for 2 weeks. He ordered some type of generic blood test for bacteria infection.

    I guess he wants to see me again before giving me more Doxy. Also maybe thinking that the generic blood test will give him a reason to continue to give me ABX.

    BOTTOMLINE.....I think he would treat me with the long term ABX regimen if I did a PCR Mycoplasma test and it showed bacteria. I'll have to find out about the costs. My doc didn't know much about the test costs.
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    Has written an article in which he says testing is not necessary. He says if one gets better on the ABX, it is proof enough that there is an underlying bacterial infection. Unfortunately, I printed out this article about a year ago and don't remember where I found it. My doc agreed completely and said medications are given empirically all the time. At that time, it was not known that it takes at least 6 months straight on the ABX. The protocol was six weeks on and six weeks off, but my doc told me not to wait the full two weeks if my symptoms returned.

    There is an end game and I'm there. The biggest problem has been how to end the ABX without the immune system's going into overdrive. With Jelly's help, I've decided to taper off. I'm going to do 100 mgs. a day for two weeks and then 100 mgs every other day for two weeks and then stop. Later, I will get the PCR DNA test to see whether any of the little beasties have survived.

    Love, Mikie