DocDUH (doctors), Hemex hypercoagulation... a rant

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    I'm disgusted with doctors in general. Yesterday, I gave my hematologist/oncologist copies of my Hemex hypercoagulation panel and genetic test.

    He was nice enough to personally call back. He said he doesn't see how he can help because he's not familiar with this.

    He is the type to dig so I think he'd order some of the different or obscure homocysteine tests. He's in network with my insurance and I just can't afford to pay LLMD upfront for every test.

    When I brought in info about the new acquired mutation found in 80% of myeloproliferative patients (JAK2 V617F) the Hem was able to arrange a test for me. Of course I'm negative which brings me back to my borrelia, mycoplasma, CPN in my bone marrow theory.

    My Hem had only read about this very new test in journal articles. I wanted the simple blood test rather than another bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. He looked it all over and decided to add it to his diagnostic bag of tricks.

    I got a rep for being an enlightened patient. A refreshing change from the "DOCTOR = GOD. HOW DARE YOU THE LOWLY PATIENT QUESTION GOD" syndrome. Why can't there be good doctors who listen? All the LLMDs listen.

    I made a trip to a major Chicago University teaching level pain clinic yesterday. What a total waste of time that was! 2 hours to drive there. 2 hours for the office visit. Then I had to drive back home in that horrid snow storm with white out conditions which made it a hazzardous 3.5 hour ordeal.

    The bottom line is they won't take me back as a patient because they don't treat muscle pain with narcotics. I saw them from 1996 to 2006 for pain in my knee. That's 10 years of knowing me and denying I even had muscle pain.

    They were instrumental in me getting a knee replacement back when they weren't being done in 42 year olds. For bone on bone pain they'll prescribe narcotics.

    For biting stinging gnawing muscle pain that doesn't ever let up. Hell NO!!! No pain meds for you. The muscle pain is way worse then the bone on bone pain ever was simply because you can go sit or lie down to take the weight off your knee. You can't do that with your back and shoulders.

    I almost wet my pants with excitement when the pain clinic fellow offered physical therapy with message or a Tens unit. Crack out your RX pad honey I'm there. Then the regular doc said no.

    They did offer to call my FM doctor to assist in tweaking my meds. Then I run the risk of him dumping me as a patient. I wanted to dump him but looks like I'm stuck with him for now. The only thing my LLMD offers is prolotherapy.

    Their thought was I should be getting Opana IR for breakthrough pain not Oxy-IR. They also thought I should get off Soma which is the one med that makes my muscles stop screaming.

    They said Soma was addictive. This is coming from a doc who passed out 6 Percocette a day to me for close to FIVE YEARS!!!! Giggle giggle..if I wasn't so mad I'd cry.

    Of course they knew nothing about Lyme. They couldn't even decide if borreliosis caused "myalgia". Geez, go back to medical school.

    They also said I was on too many meds. With Abx, I've dropped 2 GERD meds, 3 asthma inhalers, Flonase, and all NSAIDS. So actually, I'm on far fewer meds than before.

    When broken down it's the usual massive amounts of supplements, pain meds, sleep meds, and hormones. Big deal. The only difference is their not the ones on TV or the ones the drug reps push.

    If I made my own hormones they'd be in my body anyway in those normal amounts! Doc-DUH![This Message was Edited on 01/30/2008]
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    I hate it when docs are so arrogant and stupid. they seem to forget they are dealing with real people who matter just as much as they do.

    many is the time i've left a doctor's office in tears of frustration and anger. One MEAN doctor I saw was actually killed in a car accident a couple days later...I swear i was nowhere in the vicinity.,,
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    Yeah, they make me so angry too! Running them down is a little extreme but like Mom used to say "What goes around comes around!"

    I ended up leaving a voice mail laying out the reasons why their logic is stupid! I even said I'd be happy with trying a TENS unit or physical therapy for the knots in my back. Trigger point injections don't do diddly.

    If I could just get an idiot doc to help with these knotty ropey muscles and lower the pain I could off pain meds.

    Two years ago I got a RX for P/T and got massage therapy once a week. Not a knot in sight!
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    and why I generally avoid medical clinics like that, eventho you'd think a teaching clinic would/could be on the cutting edge. Too often they're not.

    Reminds me of years ago when acupuncture was considered witchcraft, a friend of mine had a car fall on him, was in a wheelchair with no prospect of walking. A Chinese doctor took him aside and secretly gave him the name of a Chinese acupuncturist doctor as he'd looked at his xrays and knew the acupuncture could help him.

    6 weeks later, he was able to begin walking... he tried to tell his 'regular' doctor at the clinic (this was at NW med clinic) and the doctor told him to never mention the 'a' word ever again if he expected to continue coming for PT.

    Maybe prolotherapy could help tho...

    all the best,