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    I called up the Rheummy today cause I can no longer stand the pain. I told him that darvocett is not working, so his assistant calls me back and says ,"hell call in a Z-pak(zithromax). wow! thanks for the help!!! I like this rheummy because he did dx me with FM and he is up on his knowledge, but obviously not his pain knowledge. he did renew a script of darvocett a couple of weeks ago, but they do not help. He did try I guess. But now I am waiting for a call back from his assistant... I freakin'give up. I am back to my old feelings again of "feeling guilty for being sick," or feeling guilty because I said the "PM" word. "pain meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I have friggin'had it with docs and the BS that goes with it. Now I'm back to square one again..........
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    I get frustrated at my doctor too! I think he is almost as frustrated as I am tho. I work for a rheumy and know it's tough on the doctor to have a patient in pain that they can't help. The meds strong enough to help w/the pain are either highly addictive or have bad side effects. I had a Z-pak once or twice. I felt great the first 5 days then started having muscle spasms in my back. Keep up with research and new meds as much as you can to help cut through the BS. AND DON'T FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING SICK!!! It's not your choice. It's not your fault. It's okay to go back to square one as long as you move forward again.

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    Hi Iggy,
    What a drag! I can definitely relate to what you are feeling. It took six years of begging and feeling like a malingering drug abuser when all I wanted was just a little relief from the pain. The doctor finally gave me some good meds but he doesn't understand the pain I am in. I have been off work on a medical leave and have seriously contemplated a medical retirement. Today his assistant called me from his office to let me know that the doctor will not cover me for my absences from work but for one more week and that is it! As though I were just taking time off for the fun of it. I would like him to see what I do with my "vacation time". I go to bed around 2 or 3 in the morning and I am awakened by the pain no longer than 4 hours later. Then I am so stiff and sore I can hardly move for the next hour. Then the nausea sets in from all the pain and lack of sleep and meds on an empty stomach and I spend the next 15 minutes or so puking my guts out. Then it is back to bed for an hour or two. Then I get up again and drag butt around the house sweating like a pig and hurting like hell trying to get just a couple of things done around the house. Then I have to rest on the couch and I nearly cry because I miss my old energetic life so much. I am so constantly aware of the pain and it is so depressing and so isolating. Friends aren't exactly breaking the door down to spend time with this boring old pain in the butt anymore. They are as tired of this DD as I am. And then I worry constantly about the money because I can't work right now and that causes more guilt and stress and depression. But the doctor makes me feel as though he believes that I am only a malingerer trying to get time off work and a druggie who just wants more drugs. (yah, I like puking every morning because the only thing that will even touch my pain is the duragesic patch, NOT) I have worked at the same job for over 24 years and I am very good at what I do and I like the people I work with. I also like being a strong independant woman. Physically and financially! I do not drink alcahol or use recreational drugs of any kind, I never have. Drugs and alcahol make me sick. Why does the medical profession have the right to make us feel less than human? Why do they have the right to judge who we are because we are seeking pain management? My doctor doesn't even know me. He doesn't know what I like to do with my spare time, he doesn't know what my coworkers think about me, he doesn't know how much money I make, he doesn't know where I live, he doesn't really care. Heck, he never even touches me when he walks into the examining room to see me! He has never even shaken my hand. How can this man have so much power over my life? I am sorry I have carried on so but I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I am so fed up. This is just not fair. I know there has to be some compassionate doctors out there. Where are they?????
    I sure don't think they practice in Michigan!!!!

    Love ya, POOPED
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    I realize you like this doc and that is good. I would fight for a good doc by providing articles in black and white for him to read to an appointment. If he just does not get it, you might have to switch to someone who does or ask to see a specialist.

    I had the same frustration. I loved my internist but he was very conservative on the pain meds but worked with me when I brought in studies that were from very well respected doctors. When my pain became so bad that he felt uncomfortable writing a script for stronger pain meds he sent me to a pain specialist.

    Just my experience.

    Lynda B.
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    From my experience, I have found rheumatologists to not like to prescribe pain meds. For one, they don't want to monitor the patients that take them. My rheumy does not have a problem with me taking them, she just wants my primary care physician or a pain specialist to prescribe them. I have also heard this from others. I see a pain specialist with no problem at all. He is there to help his patients in pain and does it with medication. Hope you can find a pain specialist in your area too. Toots
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    thank you everyone, if it were not for this board I would lose my mind!!!!!!!!!! You are all so helpful... and sweet, I will contact some pain clinics tomorrow, and have them treat me. Love and GODS blessings, Iggy
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    Ten, yes a whopping 10, percoset.

    The words drug seeking did come up in conversation, along with dependence and what's the term.. when your body needs more of the drug..

    seems he's had a patient with disk problems who was not a surgical candidate need higher doses of pain meds. He refused, so patient went to a different doctor and got the meds. Imagine that.

    turns out this guy was referred to the same pain management clinic I asked to be referred to today.

    Imagine that.

    Well, at least this doc has an excuse. he's fairly young. so, maybe he doesn't have much experience with pain management.

    I had to surrender my previous prescriptions for demerol and Tylenol 3 which were destroyed in front of me. but, that' sokay. I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn't selling these meds to my friends. It's just that I seem to be going through all the more simple and more common pain control options with bad side effects. [note, the reverse placebo effect was previously brought up, that maybe I am reacting to them cause I don't like taking drugs, boy he must think I'm a head case...] I'd like to try MS Contin, esp since I feel my skin reacting to the percoset -- I seem to have sensitivity to codeine and similar chemicals -- but I think the doctor would have a mild hernia writing out that prescription. I may ask nonetheless.

    We shall see what happens.

    fortunately, here in Toronto, I have the option of probably finding another doctor who WILL give me the pain meds I need, if push comes to shove. I feel bad for those in smaller towns who don't have much choice.

    I do realize there is a real controversy about addiction and about what does a person do if they need surgery and have become habituated to high levels of morphine.

    However, I am on the side for quality of life if people have tried everything else and have very poor quality of life due to severe pain.

    and for myself, so far this is a short term thing, so I'm not terribly worried about addiction, esp after reading the literature.
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    I spoke w/rheummy's assistant, and he will continue to treat me, but referring me to a pain management clinic... they will be calling me later today. It was sort of funny when I called them yesterday, and refused to refill my darvocett. I politely told them that< "as a patient I have a right to pain treatment,"Ive been reading this book called,"the Fibromyalgia Advocate." IT clearly explains that we have a right to treatment!!!" anyways, I'll keep you all posted. My rheummy is good for the mycoplasma P, and treating that, but that is about it! til later, Love Iggy