Docs appt. went well...

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    The doctor appointment went well. I really like this doctor, she is more personal. She told me she has had several patients in the past and the present with FM. So thats a good sign. I got myself worked up for nothing before going. Thinking here we go with another doctor that does not understand, or refers to me as just another number. But it wasn't so.

    We are tackling the major more important issures right now. Had a urinalysis again today. Still not good. Still have proteins, nitrates, blood in the urine. Having the urine sent off to labs for testing. Also had blood drawn for labs, for testing of kidney, thyroid, and Lupus. Another antibiotic.. Biaxin was prescribed, at least until the lab work comes back.

    Got precribed a water pill, to try and get the swelling down. A new sleeping med, to try and help me sleep better. She knows the importance of sleep in FM.

    I have a place on my left breast, a sore that hasn't healed within 2 months. Giving a topical cream/antibiotic a try. If no improvement then having a biopsy done.

    Supposed to get the lab results back on Friday. They also use email to stay in contact with the doctor, so thats cool.

    I didn't have to pay much for all they did. Only fourteen dollars. Then some of the meds I got in samples. If any testing needs done outside the clinic, like at the hospital they are affiliated with, then its sliding scale also.

    The pain in the hip/kidney area is actually worse today. So continued just resting and taking the meds.

    I didn't have any troubles or questions asked, nothing bad.. when precribed medication for pain either. I was precribed Percocets.

    Tomorrow is my sons MRI. My husband had a neck injury last year also. He is scheduled for exploratory surgery the second week of November.

    Just thought I would update, tell you all about how it went.

  2. Mikie

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    Please do keep us updated on what the test show. I'm glad you found a good doc.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Sunshyne1027

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    While I was getting the blood drawn, the nurse and I talked for a bit. She also has Fibromyalgia. It was pretty neat talking with her. She has a 3 and a half yr old son, recently divorced because of a "toxic" husband. We talked about how many doctors we had to go through to find a good one. She said I am in good hands here. We exchanged info on what meds works best for each other. She said she also does research on causes and meds for FM. That the doc there works great with her, when bringing up a new med to try. It was just so refreshing to talk to someone face to face and knowing they understand.

    Thanks Mikie.. I learn alot from you and so appreciate you. Love you! Sunshyne
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    Well Sunshyne, I'm so happy things went well at the Drs. and I pray they will continue that way.
    Looks like the has definitely blessed you.

    Amen, Danny
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    Hi! I am so glad to hear that your appointment went well and that you like your doc. If you have a good understanding doctor, it means a whole lot, there are not many like that to be found, or in my experiences anyways! Sounds as if you have found one that will listen to you and understand and it is great that you did not have to pay a fortune to see her too. I will keep praying for you and for your son and husband.
  6. Sunshyne1027

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    Tests came back good. The basics for the Thyroid, Lupus were done though. Urine is still not good, but then no infection. The doctor said to take the meds prescribed. The next docs appoitment, going to run more intense testing. Something is not good, still got the pain, and the urine still is not great.

    Debbie/Stidham, going to research the Lupus board also, to print out some of the tests needed to get the diagnoses of Lupus. What sort of other tests can be done also, for Thyroid problems? Want to take this info, sort of be ready when going to the next appointment.

    The doctor also explained to me they symptoms/or when I may need to go to the ER. Never know.

    So just hanging in there, in limbo feels like.