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  1. BexinTex

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    I have had many problems with Dr. Salvato's office, so I'm looking for a new FM/ pain management doctor.
    I would like an understanding doctor that has staff who doesn't jerk you around. (is there such thing?)
    Anyway, any suggestions are welcome! Thank you
  2. BexinTex

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    I actually just made a post about it...

    i'm also battling with a dumb doctors office who can't get anything straight. when i go for the appointment, i spend 5 minutes with the doctor.. the doctor talks the whole time & i get an attitude from her when she has to come back because she walked out of the room before i had time to ask questions... the same doctors office tells me they can't give me anything more than a 6 month handicapped placard because "fibromyalgia is a temporary condition". AND THEN i ask them to fill out a medication form to send it to my insurance company. they don't take my word that i've tried medications and they failed for pain management. they need to speak with the doctor that i used to see.. then they can't seem to understand that if you see a military doctor on the other side of the country a year ago, the doctor is probably not there any more. .. oh and for 1 month they lied to me about why they didn't fill out the form.

    also, i heard people raving about how wonderful she was & how she was understanding & would work with the patients. I haven't seen any of that. She was nice enough to fill out a handicapped placard for me, but other than that, it was all about her pushing ATP & glutathione (sp)? injections ... which can get expensive. I think her office is overloaded and can't really handle the patient load.
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    I'm sorry! I haven't been getting on much!

    I've had so many problems, after my lab draw next month, I dont plan on going back unless I REALLY need something from them & cant get it anywhere else.
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    BDTMU, I'm in the process of responding (keep getting distracted, sorry!)
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    did you get my email??
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    hi there ,
    i'm not sure if you've gotten many of my emails. i don't think gmail & aol like eachother! let me know if you want me to resend them. i hope you are doing well!
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    I sent you a message on my yahoo account this time, let me know if you don't get it.
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    I love Dr. Salvato.

    Her administrative staff is usually courteous to me, not perfect, but certainly no worse than any other medical office. Her Physician's Assitant, Carol, is wonderful - always nice.

    I don't think she pushes glutathione. She simply makes it available. I tried it and was unable to take it because of heart palps. Dr. Salvato was very nice and is helping with glutathione precursors and other supplement and treatment ideas. She has always believed me in regard to my med sensitivity - and she knows a heck of a lot about the immune system.

    I literally like to go to her office because I feel hope there. I honestly don't know of any other doctor in Texas who even is half interested in treating ME/CFS.

    A Dr. Salvato fan,
  9. justdifferent

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    are you nearer Austin, or Houston?

    No joy yet on finding a doc in Austin.
  10. Lillie17

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    I'm in Austin.

    Texas is woefully short on ME/CFS doctors.

    I called every clinic and doctor in Austin,
    and they blew me off - except for one D.O. who did do an extensive nutrition panel
    that was very helpful in finding supplements that I truly needed. (Just plugging in
    a specific omega-3 that comes only from flaxseed oil gave me greater cognitive function.)

    He really has not been able to help me much further than that. He does a lot of alternative
    things that seem iffy to me, but some people are willing to try them. His name is Robert
    Thoreson and he is very respectful and devotes his practice to FM and ME/CFS patients.
    I am grateful to him for the help he has given me. I understand that the docs that do try
    are wonderful just because they are willing to work with out illnesses. They have my unending gratitude.

    I just realize I said in my previous post that they're were "NO" doctors here, so I correct myself on that one.


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