Docs in Philly area???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cin, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Cin

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    Hey Everyone,
    I haven't been around for a little while. I got into a car accident and it sent me into the worst flare of my life. Why was it that I decided that I didn't like to go out? LOL
    No, I was not to blame for the accident, and Thank God, none of my family was seriously injured, but that flare was unbelieveable.

    Anyway, I am writing because I need to find a new doc. I know about the co-cure list, but there really aren't that many in my area and the 2 that are within a reasonable distance do not accept my insurance. So, I am appealing to anyone who is in the Philly area. Please let me know about any doc that has helped or is helping you. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks to all,

  2. Shirl

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    Welcome back, and so sorry to hear you had such an accident, but glad your family is well.

    Have you tried the 'FM Network' 1-800-853-2929 for a doctor?

    I hope someone here can share with you too.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. jadibeler

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    covers a large expanse of territory, but my daughter sees Dr. Ronald Krauser at Paoli Memorial Medical Offices. He diagnosed me with "myofibrositis", which FM used to be called, in 1977. Not even many rheumatologists recognized it at the time. I don't know how well he has kept up with all the new developments or what his position is on supplements, etc. I can't get more than 2 sentences out of my daughter, on any subject. . .

    Anyone needing a fabulous psychiatrist, Dr. Louise Sonnenberg used to be at Phoenixville Hospital.

  4. Pindooca

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    ... from your neighbor in Lancaster!
  5. Cin

    Cin New Member

    I agree that "the Philly area" is broad, but in order to find a competent doc, I'm willing to travel a bit. I actually do live in Philly.

    Shirl, no, I didn't have that number, but thank you. I will call 1st thing Monday morning.

    I just want to say that I knew you all could help. Anytime I need help, you guys rally. You're the greatest.
    Thank you,
  6. Cin

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    Nice to meet you Pindooca :)
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  7. Cin

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    Bumping for some more possibilities.