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    Can anyone give me some info or referrals on DOCS in phx, who specialize in FMS? I was just recently diagnosed after years of pain, etc... I am have a conservative DOC (rheummy) who is reluctant to free me from my pain!!!!! any info greatly appreciated!!!!
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    He has a web site, just type in his name on google and you'll get his website. I don't get pain meds from him. And he isn't our regular doc. But he treats my CFS/FMS with mega dose B12 and Magnesium shots. He practices functional medicine. He studied with Cheney for a while. He has helped me a lot. He is expensive and my insurance didn't cover it. His first appointment is an hour long. He has helped me more than the physcians that take my insurance. It was worth it.

    Dr. Scott Rigden, M.D.
    2501 E. Southern Ave., Suite 16
    Tempe, AZ 85282
    Phone: 480-820-4297
    Fax: 480-838-4953

    I am still looking for a general physician in the East Valley, who takes Cigna. If anyone can recommend someone.
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    Just read your previous post on being diagnosed for mycoplasms. The treatment can make you feel terrible. Do a search in the box above on "herxing" or "mycoplasm" or jellybelly's posts. She has lots of info on it. Its pretty good that you found a doc that knows to look for it and treat it. Whats the name of your doc?[This Message was Edited on 06/08/2003]