docs near santa cruz/silicon valley and watsonville

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    Cindy Quattro is a Physician's Assistant and Licensed Acupuncturist who
    is very knowledgeable about Orthomolecular Health Medicine who works
    with Dr. Randy Baker at the Pacific Center for Integral Health in

    The Los Altos doctor is Deborah Metzger, (650) 229-1010, who is also a gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist. She might also be holistic minded, although I'm not completely sure.

    Janine Talty in Watsonville, who is an Osteopath, and has trained under Dr. Stricker in San Francisco. She is also open to alternative forms of treatment.

    I forgot about Ginger Savely, a family nurse practioner in S.F. To contact her, you have to email her at lymesf@....

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    Just seeing your post reminded me of my former home; I used to live in Aptos (Rio Del Mar area), lived there for about 10 years before relocating about 5 years ago. Lovely area; those were the days!

    This sounds like a good list of docs for folks who live there! I also saw Dr. Pat Shea, a chiropractor in S. Cruz, who was very good.