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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by frosty77, Aug 29, 2008.

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    I've never heard of this before and I'm not a happy camper. I went to another pain clinic last month (as the first I was sent to only treats pain that will be resolved such as sports injuries) and one of the options was to have surgery for occipital stimulation (small transmitter is planted in the back of my head).

    I agreed to the surgery and a date for surgery was made. So, I took the day off from work, and had my husband arrange to have time off from his work to take me there and pick me up (it's an hour away). Then the pain clinic called and said they would have to reschedule as my HMO first requires I see a shrink.

    Ok, now more time off from work (a problem as I only have 15 days of PTO a year - this PTO includes sick time - and I already have to use the 15 days each year to visit family and other family obligations. So, I virtually have no sick time nor any time for me which is a whole other issue) eating into the PTO. Shrink approves.

    So, the pain clinic calls again to reschedule. They give me a date in less than 2 weeks and tell me that a package will arrive shortly in the mail. The package does not arrive by yesterday and the surgery is for next Wednesday. The packing includes critical info such as which hospital, instructions, time of surgery, what to do before, information as to what the procedure is....

    I call the pain clinic - both women that handle it are out. When I ask if there's anyone else, a nasty person tells me I have to call Tuesday. I explain the issue to her but she says too bad, call back Tuesday. Then she gives me to someone else - same story.

    First, I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling about having surgery done by a place that has no idea where the surgery is being done nor what time. And since both doctors there are supposed to perform the surgery, you can't convince me neither of them realizes they are performing surgery Weds. WTF!

    I tried to cancel the surgery - but cannot even do that as I have to speak with one of these two women. Just leave a freaking note on their desk! Is that too difficult?
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    I'm not sure what this procedure is for but it sounds serios.

    Me I had a nightmare experence with a pain clinic and what you're saying about this place scares me..

    Have you checked them out with the BBB? Are they in a hospital?

    Please be careful

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