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    Hey All,

    Well, we saw my PCP yesterday and he was upset about the treatment I recieved at the hospital & from the specialist he sent me too. He apoligized for that & we let him know that we did not hold him responsible for their actions. He said he has referred patiences to this doc before but had never gotten any feedback but he also said that since he knows Jim and I so well and we have always given him a report, (good or bad), when he has sent us to specialis and he really appreciates that because that is the only way he is going to know any personal habits of the specialists.

    He discussed other methods of cleaning me out that they could have used and he said the one he and his wife used when they got their colonoscopy last year is what he is
    going to suggest to the new specialist. He couldn't remember the name of it at the time but he said it taste like sea weed but you only drink 8 oz and only 2oz at a time, (they had me drink 64 oz of the Mirlax the night before & then tried to get me to drink a gal of the Golyte at the hospital). I told him the taste wouldn't be so bad with just 2oz at a time. The only problem now is that the doc he is going to have me use, (it's the doc he & wife used), is booked all the time. They can't get me in until Dec 27th and that is just for the consult before the colonoscopy, (they have me put down to call me if they have a cancelation before then). I told him that was fine that I would ride it out until then since I know he personally has used this doctor because I want someone like that.

    The young doc that Jim and I know does not do colonoscopy's. He is a colon/rectual/general surgeon. If I should need any surgery he said that is who we would use but he also told me he did not think I needed any surgery but probably just have some polyps that need removed.


    You had asked me what some of the suggestions my dgt got for me from her work place for cleaning me out before a colonoscopy. They are going in ealy and having a soap suds enema just before surgery, and another one said there is a magnisim stuff you can drink that cleans you out ASAP but if I had that I would need A&D or Vasoline because when you go to the toilet it is like fire coming out from the magnisim. One lady that works with her said she had some pills that cleaned her out ASAP but she couldn't remember the name of them but said she would find out if I wanted her too.

    Since I'm set up to see this specialist in Dec and I know what method he uses, (plus my PCP said he would send a letter about me plus he said they would be sending me a questionere to fill out before I go to them and for me to attach a letter to it when I mail it back explaing my experience and he suggested that I write it now while everything is fresh in my mind). Hubby said he was going to write one too so they would understand that it is not just me complaining but he can give his version of it too and he said we would make it clear about my FMS and when we go for the consult he is going to question the doc about FMS to make sure he understands it. He cracks me up when he gets hot under the collar about something because he is normally the strong quit type, but you don't want to get him angry. Especially when it come to me or our family. He is the greatest guy and I think I can't love him anymore until he does something like this that reminds me of how much he loves me and I start loving him all over again. I don't know if that makes sense to you now that I read it over but I hope you understand.

    Again, I want to Thank All of you for your support & prayers,You are the greatest,


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    I'm so glad that your appt. went well. Your Doctor sounds very understanding and it appears that you have a plan that will make things a lot easier for you. Your husband is so supportive and I know that helps so much.

    Take it easy for now. You should be able to relax for a while.

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