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    ive got a message today that a doctor will be coming to assess me to see if i can get any money. i had to leave work last november. has over people had to go through this, and how did it go?.MUCH apprciated.
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    Hi, DragonBall:

    Welcome to the board. I have no help for you, as I have no disabity allowance experience.

    The board is "on the run" this AM, so I am replying so your message will be "bumped" to the top of the list.

    Good days, loonie
  3. leokat

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    I live in the UK. It was 16 months ago. I hadn't even thought I might be entitled to anything until someone pointed out to me that I was practically house bound (a great one for self denial me). Anyhow I applied.

    At first I got DLA on the strength of a doctors form and didn't have to see anyone else. The form was complicated though and I was afraid no one would understand how I can be unable to do anything sometimes and quite active (well for me anyhows) at others. I went through the form bit by bit and just told it like it is as best I could. I was awarded the highest level for the mobility component of DLA but nothing for the care allowance. This is a bit unfair as there are days when I can't care for myself but there you go.

    Then after six months I was told I would be asked to attend for an assessment with a DSS doctor. That was when my nightmare began. They apparently sent me two appointments, neither of which I attended (well I wouldn't would I as I knew nothing about them). I phoned and wrote to the disability centre and made a complaint. Eventually my benefit was reinstated but not after I experienced a whole lot of stress and financial probs.

    Next I actually got an appointment to see the DSS doc. However, this was only due to a concientious medical secretary who, after reading my notes, thought to 'phone me on the morning of the appointment and ask me if I realised I was due to attend. I didn't but I managed to get myself there (I could have kissed the secretary - her efforts went beyond the call of duty).

    The doc I saw was a really nice old guy. He asked my about my condition and how it affects me. He seemed to know a bit about both fibro and cfs. He then did a few tests (asked me to touch my toes, listened to my heart, and weighed me etc).He even told me of a local(ish) support grooup - sadly I can't get there. :-(

    I heard that I was awarded the higher rate of mobility allowance for 18 months before a review is due. This is good cos it means I don't have to get a medical certificate from my doctor every few weeks. I still think I should have been awarded the lower rate of care allowance though. Sometimes, however, fighting is just too hard.

    I would say my experience is a mixture of good and bad. I have to go through the whole thing again in a couple of months. :-/

    Hope the above helps and good luck with your own assessment. Remember you have a right to benefit if you are disabled.


  4. JLH

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    I'm in the US - state of Kentucky. I had to see a Psychiatrist and a Medical Doctor for my SSDI claim. Everything went fine. Just answer their questions honestly and be yourself. You don't have anything to worry about! Let us know how it turns out!
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    I've had both components of DLA for some years now. In the early days I had real problems with the care component, my fatigue and cognitive impairment made sorting this out too difficult for much of the time. Eventually 2 MPs intervened my case was reviewed and it all went through.

    Although ME/CFS is still controversial in the UK the DLA Board does seem better informed these days.

    Make sure you have someone with you when the doctor assesses you. Two good reasons for this:

    1 if you difficulties with information processing they can make sure you are fully understanding what you are being asked and saying what you really mean.

    2 if the doctor is ignorant of CFS or biased against it you will have both an ally and a witness.

    Good luck

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    I don't know where you are or what you have applied for but there is help out here from people who have the answers. I am getting SSI went thru hell but that is their plan. I found help on a support board with ladies in the same boat. ANd I found a book called GET YOUR MONEY that has a lot of answers in it about how to deal with these people. If I can be of any help let me know, I may not have great answers but I know where we can maybe find soem. Anyway, GOOD LUCK HUGS.....Pam2
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    i do know quite a bit but i am too stressed out to focus.
    i will post some when things here with me are easier.
    hope you can wait !!

    leokat , you can and should appeal. if you read this remind me in a week and i will tell you why you should.

  8. JQP

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    Hiya DragonBall

    How did you get on with the visiting doc? Hope you succeeded.

    I'm about to go through the whole DLA process again....was last awarded both care and mobility for a year, and then lost it because a doc considered that walking at a third of the speed of others (at 45) was OK. Was more concerned that I lived in a house with student type furniture!!!

    I'm really not looking forward to this at all, but I have to do something the gaps between being off sick and working are getting shorter and shorter!!!

    Regards JQP

  9. goingslowlycrazy

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    I applied for DLA a couple of weeks back and am dreading the doc's visit.

    I havn't heard when he/she is coming yet, but the one thing that I do know is that it will be the only occasion when I make NO effort to clean my house up for a visitor!

    Let us know how you get on!
    Mary x
  10. tansy

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    Hi Mary me again.

    When I get my new e-mail addy etc set up you can send any concerns to me, I learnt the hard long way. We can go through what you need to get across bit by bit so not straining either of our brains.

    It is better now in the UK but even if successful you will only get it for a year or two to start with. Mine are for life now, well until they change the goal posts anyway.



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    Hi Dragonball.Ilive in the uk and claim dla.If you click on ask jeeves uk and type dla you will find out what happens when doc visits.Some docs have never heard of fibro/me and think you are exaggerating.Make sure there is someone with you to help you get up because they will ask you to walk.Move furniture so its easy for you to get around.the ask jeeves site will really help because in uk its not well known.Its important to get it right when they visit.Hope this helps.
    rena 0909
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    Hi Dragonball
    I have had a visit from the doctor a few weeks ago they ask you the questions and how long would it take for you to walk say 1/2 a football pitch how long would it take you and how many times would you have to stop a normal person would take 15 mins no stops i said it depends on if it is a good day or bad day you will get turned down if you say that, you need to tell them about the bad days and to get care depends on if you can cook a meal for your self if not you get low care, i would say look on the jeeves thing hope you get it
    Big hugs from Loopyloo xx
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    Happy Groundhog's Day!! (me too, Feb.2)


    Next month I have two doctors to see appointed by disability here in the states, one shrink and one internist. I will hold your hand if you hold mine. Deal?

  14. northlass

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    hun cant tell you much just i have 2 friends in this same boat at present.only advice i can give, im told its how you present the forms, the answers etc, and hun hang in there, when this doc comes, if its a goodish day . ACT ,, cos im sure after this stress you will prob have some down days ,, take care let me know how it goes x sam
  15. DragonBall

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    finally some good news,ive been awarded dla,but i still feel a bit down,its the final realisation that i cant work anymore.the irony of the situation is i used to work as a homehelp for the elderly.