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  1. judyfocus53

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    Hi all I have a problom my doctor wont give me no more pain meds he sent me to a pain mangement and they gave me a shot in my spine and I am worse then I was before now I cant lay on my back. Now he wont give me no pain meds.I dont think that he is being fair.I was on Vicadin for over 3 years and morphine,he said he cant give me anything to help me and that if I dont go to pain mangement not to bother him any more.It was the hardest thing for me to go cold turkey after 3 years with meds to nothing.I dont know that to do.The pain is so bad I cant stand it.Do,s any one know a good doctor in Allentown pa that can help me.Out of my mind.(soft hugs)Judy
  2. 69mach1

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    sorry about your sounds like it is time for a new dr...period...but go up to the top of this page in the pruple tab part and click on doctors...maybe a dr in your area there...

    i live in california so i don't know...

    try some excedrine migraine...i try to do w/o pain meds cause they just consitipate me...and i have to drive my son around to school and allergic reactiosn to all sorts of thing..
  3. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    I've been seeing Dr Brown. He's pretty good getting an appointment with him is not easy. At first it took almost a month to get an appointment.

    The second one is also very good I was able to see her in a couple of weeks. She is very kind and considerate, and is not afraid to document her findings either. I would be going to see her but she is a little further away from where I live. Sometimes driving for me can be difficult. I don't take my pain meds when I drive so that's why I still see Dr Brown. If you've already had alot of testing done than DR Brown most likely would not order any new ones other then what he would do to make the dx.

    As I said I would not hesitate going to either of these docs, they are both very good.

    These are 2 that I know of. I have an Aetna policy and both accept it. Dr. Sylvan Brown Allentown Pa. and Dr Bienick Whitehall Pa.


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  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Make sure you go in and get a copy of your records.Have them hand them to you.

    I'm not from there .I am so sorry you are having all this trouble.It is sad when a doctor will not treat our pain.

    Good luck to you in finding a new doctor.

  5. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    B for Judy to see
  6. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Ironically I just went to my neurologist and he told me to never stop my Klonopin. He said I would have to be weaned off of it. He told me I would have a seizure if I stopped any other way. Good doctor.

    So, now we come to bad doctor. I know this might sound dumb and dramatic, but I gave it a good think and what I would do in that situation is go to the E.R. of the hospital he is affilitated with and explain that the doctor took you off of all pain meds cold turkey and that you are in abject pain.

    Good or bad, I do not know, but I know if in your position I would give it a shot.

  7. taniazcatz

    taniazcatz New Member


    I understand how you must be feeling. I had a somewhat similar situation last weekend. My normal rx for oxycontin had not yet been mailed and so I went the entire weekend with out anything. I went to the E.R. and after waiting 3 1/2 hours they tell me that they dont treat chronic illnesses!!! I was livid but too tired and hurting too bad to put up any kind of protest. I know in the future I'll have to deal with this very matter, my doctor is military and I'm just waiting to hear that he's being transferred somehwre farway.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, I know they don't bring any relief from the terrible pain but unfortunately that's all I can offer.


  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    So sorry that you have been treated in such a shoddy manner.

    I swear that a lot of doctors just got a mailing re morphine based meds as I keep hearing this, plus MY doctor had accused me of seeking them when I have never asked for them or taken one in my life except in surgical routine.

    I think basically he is shoving you off to the Pain Center and they are able to do a lot more than a shot for you. They have meds and oseo stuff, or chould have. Get back in touch with the right away and tell them the shot did not work, that you are in more pain and need an emergency appt.

    Love Anne C
  9. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    Just call the pain doctor ASAP and tell them what's going on and you need to be worked in. I bet they will take care of you. Don't give up on the pain management doctor yet.



  10. Lalania1970

    Lalania1970 New Member

    My doctor tried taking my meds from me. Like you I had been on Vicadin for 3 yrs then I went to Narco (less tylonol) and when I ran out I ended up in ER and found a new Dr. and what you need to do in finding a new one is make sure they understand you know your body better than they do. My new one I told him what worked for me and what didnt and he wrote my refills. I had been to pain management specialist and all he wanted to do was drug me so much I couldnt think. Then said he didnt need to see me if I didnt take methadone or morphine for pain. I have things I have to do thru the day with my son so I cant be totally drugged up. Also make sure Dr is well educated in Fibro. Good luck. Prayers with you
  11. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    I talked to pain mangement and he said he dont beleave in fibromyalgia, (imagine that) and that he will only give me Ultram for pain and that dont help.You are just looking for a high and he wont help.And yes I got my records and I will try 1 of the doctors that was giving to me.Thank you for them.I am on SSI for 2 and 1/2 years and that is the part my doctor helped me with that is why I thout I could trust my doctor. Boy was I roung.
    (soft hugs)

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  12. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    I am so sorry you are going thru this.

    It really makes me mad to see a Dr. do this to their patients. It is wrong wrong wrong!

    While you wait to find a new Dr. You should be able to call your old Dr. and tell him the problems you are having.

    Call him after hours so you can tell the answering service to call you back. This way you can talk directly to him and not his receptionist.

    Tell him you belong to this support group and the advice you were given that you cant go cold turkey that it is dangerous. Very dangerous to your health.

    Again I am so sorry you have to go thru this. And I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    Did he tell you on your first visit with him that he didn't believe in fibro? Why did he give you a shot if he didn't believe in fibro? That just stinks!

    Make an appt. with a new doctor, and try calling your soon-to-be old doctor and tell them "I need just enough pain medicine to last until my appt. on ________(insert date), and after that, I will not bother you further." Explain to them that you tried this pain doctor they referred you to, but since he doesn't even believe in fibro, so he is NO HELP AT ALL. Therefore you must change course.

    Hope you can get in with a new doctor quick.

    Things will get better!

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  14. Doesn't he have a clue what can happen to you to stop you cold turkey?If you get real bad go to emergency room tell the the truth, you have fibro and doctor stopped alll medicines without warning and maybe they can help will you get to other doctor.They could at least give you methadone or pain patch to get you through the roughest part.If you are thinking you need to cut down than you can wean off them. GOod luck Ruthie
  15. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    My heart goes out to you. I wish these doctors could live ONE DAY with the pain that we have!!!! They would never treat another patient like that. I am sorry. Please find another doc ASAP. Wish I could help you.

  16. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    Association. There are other groups I can't think of right now. I get newsletters from several. There's also a place called something like the American Association of Pain Medicine, try putting that in your search. They have a contact address on their site and will direct you to
    a doctor. If I can think of the other
    names I'll come back and post.

    At the very least what your doctor is doing is unethical. In some states I believe it is illegal to just abandon a patient, not in Arizona where I live, but my doctor thinks it is highly unethical and says he would NEVER do that.

    Also put into your search Partners Against Pain for their website. It is run by I think Phizer (can't spell it..duh) but they have links on their site also to write about problems. Sign up is free.

    Also check with your Board of Medical
    Examiners. It's possible he's been
    called down for prescribing practices
    and CAN'T prescibe to you or any one else right now. You can certainly put in a complaint about this with them if you want to. You'd have to go down and testify but it's worth it. Even if nothing happens it gives him a headache to worry about. And he should be worried. It's a terrible thing to treat a 3 year patient like that...IF you've been totally up front with him, made ALL you appointments and never asked for more
    medication before the end of the month. If you'd done your part then I would put in a complaint.

    If you do decide to complain go online and copy everything you can find on pain as a disease...the Partners Against Pain site has articles...and everything you can about abrupt stopage sp? (this has me upset and I can't spell kat right now!) of your medication and what it can do.

    In the meantime try to stay as calm as you can, use heat and ice packs,
    try the Epsom Salts and Peroxide baths, try meditating or praying, listen to soothing music, try to get
    lost in a book or movie you like...
    and once you've done all the necessary steps to find another doctor, sleep if you can. I am so sorry you are being put through this
    and I have NO respect for a doctor that would act this way! Hang in there and know we care!
  17. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    I fell so LOVED, you all are so great.I found a doctor to go to. I dont know if he will help but I will try.I did not have benefits to Jan. that is why he waited 3 years to sent me to the pain doctor.And after that he said go to the pain doctor I cant help you no more.But that doctor dont bleave in fibromyalgia so that is that.
    I think the withdrawls I went thou are getting better.AT least I am not as sick to my stomach as I was yesterday I got down 1/2 a sandwich today and it stayed down.And I thank god for that.Now that I am on Medacare things will get better.And you all gave me hope,and I did not have hope before I wrote to all of you.I better go now I am getting all teary eyed,and dont wont to bor you.Again thank you so much I will let you know how I make out on Friday.And I am going to make a app.for one of the doctors that one of you gave me.
    (soft hugs)
    Love Judy
  18. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    I forgot to mention this but both of the docs that I listed are rhuemys and again I would not hesitate to go to either of them.

  19. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    Thank you I will call them on Monday.
    (soft hugs)Judy
  20. thirkmom

    thirkmom New Member

    I've only posted once before but I couldn't sit back and keep my mouth shut on how you were treated. I went through a true withdrawl about 4 months ago when my Dr.'s mother died and he abruptly left town and his office cancelled his appointments. As you know they will only write for 30 days at a time and they don't allow you enough to save anything for a rainey day. My appt. was scheduled for the day after he left town and I was totally sympathetic with his situation but I was totally out of Oxycontin. I ended up with the shakes, chills, runny eyes, nausea, and muscle pain like restless leg sydrome all over my whole body. I could not get comfortable taking the ativan I had and aspirin and Tylenol didn't help at all. The hospitals around here treat chronic pain pts. like drug seekers so I didn't even consider that since I knew they would just refer me to my Dr. So why pay a $75.00 copay for what I already knew. The minute my Dr. was in town (I called every day) he told me to come in and pick up my scripts and apologized profusely. He even wrote the prescription so I could have a 4-5 day supply in case I got into trouble. I really think I could get my drugs easier by going to the local high school--forget the Drs. and pharmacies. There will always be people who will abuse drugs and make it hard for people like us. If you'll abuse laxative you'll abuse anything.
    I could not get pain relief or narcotics for my CFID's and Fibro for a long time. I worked as a hospice nurse and the Dr.'s didn't think twice to write scripts for my dying patients. So one day I went to my Dr. and said "Why is it we give narcotics to help dying paitents die confortably and yet no one will give them to someone like me who is trying to LIVE comfortably?" He said, "you have a good point--what do you want?" That was 5 years ago before I had to take a disability. So that is now the question I pose to my Dr.s, pain clinics, and the hospital. So far no one has been able to come up with an answer. They just pull out their prescription pad. So Judy find you a new Dr. and be assertive and if you don't feel you are being heard--find another one. You might have to talk to your insurances case manager to get approval but fight for your rights. I know it's hard to have a fighting attitude when you feel so down but I guess I just lost it one day and got mad over the way Dr.s treated me and I decided I was paying them and I would no longer put up with it. If I was unhappy with any other service, I'd find a new one. Dr.'s may think they are God's but they are not. (I've worked with plenty of them as a nurse to know)and I haven't seen any exalted yet. My heart goes out to you because I was where you are and it is so defeating and depressing. You are a wonderful human being deserving of being treated with compassion. Do not give up on the medical profession and don't give up on you. Someone (Dr.) will hear you. Hang in there dear. LuAnn.
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