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    Janesville Mercy Health Systems Doctor, Dr. M, in Wisconsin, was fired for treating his chronic pain patietns with real pain meds.

    I watch the news daily, and I've emailed them some articles of research to study over. Please share your story if you feel you'd like to take a stand and feel comfortable in letting them know how bad this illness is. A doctor in Janesville, at Mercy Health Systems, was fired for treating chronic pain patients.

    They're doing a story on Ch. 27, at 10 p.m. Central, this week on Thursday, in a segment, "Call for Action," on the fired doctor and his patients in pain who miss him & are suffering helplessly due to a failed health care system that is too afraid to admit to their "money-making" patients that they know NOT how to treat their pain! I say Money Making, because they get most of their money from people who have undertreated pain and pain that is ignored by doctors.

    Here is the site to email your story, only if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Here's the article of the doctor who was fired. You'll see 300 some responses below the long article, including another doctor, and a Reverend.

    Respond if you wish. This totally disgusts me!

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    We had the best pain specialist here in Utah , treated patients well, had a huge practice. When out of the blue 5+ former patients filed sexual assults chages against him.
    Before thess charges he had not been able to get the local hospital to grant him privlages because of the amount of narcotics he prescribed in a month. Even the medical community is not always willing to accept newer ways of treating pain. But he was the best doctor I had ever had , I was so sad that I had to change doctors due to insurance.

    HE went to trail twice, found not guilty on 4 of the 5 charges and guilty on one mistomenor charge. There were changes made on that one chage so he did not lose his medical licence and practice. But the trails cost him alot emotionally , his practice, every thing. I think he only practices a day or two a week. If that much.
    It was later found out that two of the women made up the sexual assualt charges because they had both been dismissed as patients for violating his patient policy and both were in the county jail on drug charges.

    This whole situataion was caused because of people who could not follow rules, and were angry for being dismissed as patients. We as a city lost the one and only pain doctor that treats chronic pain with pain meds / narcotics. The only other pain doctor will not under any reason perscibe any narcoitcs . So we are up a creek, I have to see a rehumy who will for me keep me on the same meds I was on before I had to change doctors, but he hates it. And will not up the doseage at all. I lost a great md because people don't understand what chronic pain is , or the disease that cause it. It is so hard to live in a city where taking narcoitics feels like a crime. I still feel that people judge us and all chronic pain patients harsher and treat us as if we are doing some thing illegal by taking narcoitics for pain. IT is really sad that in this day and age we still have such discrimination about the useage of naracoitcs, we are darned and darned if we don't. I don't know how to change the minds of peole, I just know that just because you take narcoitics for the treatment of chronic pain does not make you addited to it or a drub abuser.
    I wish I knew a way to help people become more aware of the needs of chronic pain patients, I am sorry for what happened to your md.
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    good to see you are still here..though I have not been online much lately, so I may have missed one of your posts, I have noticed that i haven't seen you in awhile, so I am glad to know you're still out there..hope you are doing as well as possible
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    I am truly very sorry that you lost what was to you a good Dr, and it is entirely possible that the charges were all just disgruntled former patients; however, as a survivor and as a counselor, I know all too well that the majority of instances of abuse/assault are never reported and those who do come forwards often deal with horrible treatment and disbelief (a big part of the reason that many do not come forward).

    The fact that two of the people who pressed charges later recanted does NOT by any means say that the other three were not in fact violated. For that matter, even the two who later changed their statements may have been harmed by the Dr and then been pressured for one reason or another to recant. (no, it's not likely, but it IS possible). When people make assumptions that assault victims are lying, they are causing further harm to those who have been violated. That is unconscionable.

    In the very best cases, the process of going through the exam and pressing charges against an attacker is horrendous for the victim and that is if she actually receives compassionate care throughout the process. Rarely does that happen, though, and in most cases, the way that the victim is treated is beyond awful and continues to cause trauma. Actually, it is a miracle that any victims come forward, and even more so that any attackers actually receive any punishment.

    And in case you are wondering, even in cases where Drs have been proven to have abused/assaulted their patients, many, many times they not only escape any jail time, but they are actually allowed to continue practicing. I recently read an extensive list of Drs in my area alone who have been convicted - in some cases did not even deny the charges- and are still practicing medicine. So, maybe you should consider yourself lucky that the only thing that happened to you is that you lost your Dr. It could have been worse.

    And, like I said at the start of this post, I am sorry that you did lose a Dr who was helping you and he may be innocent. If he is innocent, I feel bad for him and for you. If not, then he deserves a lot worse than he got, and you are very fortunate that you did not get worse, too.

    If this seems a little harsh, know that I am holding back. I understand that it is hard to get a good Dr, and I know that people do sometimes falsely accuse others. Those are the only reasons that I am able to overlook the very offensive (& most likely unintended) implications in what you said. The type of thinking that blames/disbelieves the victim is all too common and keeps many victims from ever reporting what has been done to them.
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    "Opie and two other patients interviewed by the Gazette credit heavy doses of narcotic painkillers for improving their conditions. However, the three said they’ve had a hard time finding a doctor to treat them or continue their prescriptions after Mercy Health System fired Paul Mannino, the doctor they had been seeing."

    "Lisa Rasmussen’s shooting pain and joint aches left her unable to work, sleep or perform household tasks.
    Taking Oxycontin and oxycodone eased her fibromyalgia symptoms, allowing her to get out of bed in the morning, she said.
    “I wouldn’t be able to go shopping with my daughter. I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” she said. “It’s the quality of life that it gives you.”

    I'm pretty sure it's still true in most states that medical schools DO NOT REQUIRE PAIN MANAGEMENT CLASSES for graduation! And yet, most patients who go to the doctor, go there because they're in some kind of pain.

    Does that make sense to you?

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