Doctor in Austin, TX?

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    My endocrinologist and psychiatrist both do not know of a good doctor for CFIDS/ME. If I had my excellent primary care doctor back, I'd go the DIY route with him advising; but he left active practise for an advisory position.

    If I had to choose, I'd want to go after the fatigue first, and the pain second. The fatigue is constant where the pain is only if I have REALLY overdone it.
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    I see Dr. Monty Tew at Austin Diagnostic Clinic. He's a rheumatologist (sp?). He divides his time between the Round Rock office and the north Austin Office.

    He's a very kind and sympathetic doctor (and the only one I've found willing to treat FM) however, he treats very conservatively. I've been seeing him 5 years and have only recently been able to obtain effective pain treatment beyond Motrin. He's better at treating the sleep and muscle-tightness problems.

    I know there used to be several other people here on the boards from this area, so maybe someone else has another doctor to recommend.

    Best wishes,
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    Hello JD,

    There is a D.O. here who can help some. He is Dr. Robert Thoreson. Some of his
    methods are alternative and too out there for me, but there are some things that
    are very sound and helpful.

    For me the Individual Optimal Nutrition Panel that he ran (blood and urine) was very
    helpful in finding what supplements I needed.

    One thing that helped me right away I learned at a now defunct fibromyalgia group.
    (I went there because there is not ME/CFS group here. I'd like to start one, but don't
    have the energy now. Maybe someday.) -- Anyway, the idea was to soak my feet
    in filtered water with a handful of Epsom salts mixed in. This helped my cognitive function
    and fatigue a considerable amount.

    The reason is because Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate and most of us have bodies
    incredibly depleted of magnesium. Dr. Thoreson does a magnesium push for some of
    his patients. Just thought I would give you that idea while you do your search.

    I have also been to Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston who came up with the intra-muscular
    glutathione injections. She is part of the Houston CFIDS support group and I think a very
    good doctor.

    Good luck and if you find out about any other doctors in or near Austin, I'd love to hear about them.

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    I see a pain management doc in Round Rock. Dr. Graves Owen (Texas pain management associates, i think). I haven't been with him long, but they seem to be pretty good, with a whole body approach to the illness and the management of pain. They are willing to treat both my fatigue and my pain. I start PT and counseling this month. Good Luck!
  5. Lillie17

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    In regards to Graves Owen, I have been to his clinic also. I know several in the Austin-Round Rock area who feel that he has really helped them. However...

    I would not recommend him for ME/CFS. I notice that roseants has FM. Right, roseants? I think he would be better for FM than ME/CFS.

    I did like his psychologist, Dr. Richard Yuen.

    When I attempted to go for PT (thinking I could!), on several occasions the office had no record of my having made an appt. for that time -- after I had driven from Austin with fatigue, fog and pain! Not happy. No sirree. (PT, by the way was not helpful for my ME/CFS.)

    I had a couple of other people tell me they also had scheduling problems and also some insurance filing problems. So if you go to Dr. Owen keep these things in mind. He can help with pain, but at least in the past his office staff was very inefficient. Plus sometimes you had to wait up to two hours. Hopefully this has changed.

    Good luck, roseants, and everybody else in Central Texas.
  6. roseants

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    Thanks for the info! I do have FM. I will call before driving all the way to RR for anything (I live in Taylor). I have been waiting 3 weeks for someone to get back to me to start PT. I ended up w/ Dr. Owen, because I could not find anyone close to me that will even touch FM.

    Again, thanks for the info!
  7. justdifferent

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    in two months.

    Meanwhile... ?

    I've got to get back to work; it's more a question of losing my job vs needing the income right now. It's not helping that my 9 year old is about to start meds for anxiety and depression (she's suffering severely right now) ... so my stress level is very high.

    I bought several supplements, but no clue as to dosage on any of them. At the moment, I may look for a supplement that is high in B vitamins, magnesium, but does not contain iron or copper.

    I received several doctors as recommendations from my other doctors and when I called, all stated they didn't treat fibromyalgia or CFS - with the exception of Dr Paul Pickerell whose office said he was not accepting new patients. If there are good ME/CFS/FM doctors out there, they are hiding well!

    My sleep cycle continues to be terrible. I do have restless legs syndrome (RLS) but am already on Klonopin for panic disorder. Requip did nothing. Ambien and Rozerem have done nothing. I am a rapid metaboliser so tend to need higher doses and even then they wear off and I wake after only two or three hours of sleep.

    This is my worst relapse in many years and comes at a time when jobs are tight and I really *have* to get well as a single parent. I am seeing my internist on Friday and fingers crossed, he will let me experiment like my prior internist (who retired) did.... my doctors have found that I am my own best doctor and are willing to order blood work that I ask to be done.

    This is a horrid condition, but having gotten other chronic conditions under control, I have faith that I will manage this one, too.
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    saw my internist today. Got him to order most of the tests in the "Hope and Help" book - there's nothing too exotic in there. Won't have results until Monday at the latest.

    Took my first Sonata tonight.... nothing. Remerol, Ambien, nothing makes me sleepy. NOTHING. For me to do a transatlantic flight requires at least 8 mg of Xanax - and I'm still watching the movies (and remembering them later!).

    I think the scariest part for me is that I have got to be self-supporting. I simply don't have any family support, emotionally or financially, and that's hard. I have fought my way up to a decent standard of living but am worried sick (literally) that the current financial crisis and my health may cause me to lose my job (and then my health insurance, eventually).

    I probably won't get in early to see Dr L because they hold all cancelled appointments for cancer patients, and that's more than fair. I wish there were a better safety net in this country for those who have worked hard, hard all of their lives and then find themselves unable to do so. Argh.

    Sorry for the negative tone.... I just need to get this off my chest. And thanks for the prayers. :)
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    I am 21 and i have been diagnosed with Fibro, my mom also has this and is being treated with muscle relaxers, im not sure what kind. I have no insurance right now and i have already been to 2 doctors to get relief and both of them wanted to give me an anti sezuire medication, which i refuse to be on due to the side effects and the inconveince it causes me.
    Is there a doctor that is good here in Austin that will treat me with something other then that? I'm pretty desperate for relief and dont feel so 21 at all....