doctor in columbus ohio? help

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    does anyone know a doctor in ohio that can help.i have been told i have fibro but i understand that there are tests that you need to eliminate b4 they determine fibro.i was told 2 yrs ago i have it.been in physical therapy ,ice that pamalor, at nite and vicodin for pain.whole body hurts,but gets really bad in the neck,arms,and shoulders.also have compressed disc's in the neck.been tld that with fibro i couldn't handle traction.what do i do?who do i see? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks if you have advise
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    Hi, I am from Buckeye Lake area.... If you do find a good one please let me know.. There is a woman Dr in Lancaster, but hear she only believes in aerobics.. I don't know about you, but I think if she had it, she would feel a little different..
    Thanks and good luck
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    Bump for info please
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    is in Canton OH..he is very good. He has it himself.
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    but can't remember his name. I'm from Northern Kentucky and drove to Columbus to see him. This has been quite a few years ago. I just decided it was too far to keep driving to see a doctor.

    Look in the Columbus yellow pages and find one of the rheumatologists associated with University Hospital or Riverside and make an appointment with them. The one I went to was associated with OSU--I think his name might have been Hackshaw.

    I go to a rheumy in Kentucky now--I'm just not able to drive very far and have to keep my doctors close by now!

    Good luck.